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16 of the best reactions to John Lewis's 'Man on the Moon' Christmas ad

The John Lewis Christmas ad is here. Brace yourselves as the social media banter commences. (Oh, and you might want to watch it first.)


1. This was pretty much the universal first reaction

I seriously question the scientific accuracy of that John Lewis Christmas ad. #JohnLewisXmasAd

— Paddy K (@spongepaddy) November 6, 2015


2. And as such, some were struggling to muster sympathy

#JohnLewisXmasAd a) Nothing survives on the moon & b) If you chose to live there, you're going to end up lonely. No tears here, just angry

— Brendan (@Brendan_Surrey) November 6, 2015


3. Although others reckon that’s a load of rubbish…

There are two types of people in this world: 1. People who cried at The John Lewis Advert 2. Liars #ManOnTheMoon

— British Logic (@BritishLogic) November 6, 2015


4. People wondered how John Lewis merchandise will be cashing in on this ad

Does the new John Lewis advert mean this year they'll be selling stuffed cuddly old men? #JohnLewisXmasAd

— Jack Hart (@MrJacHart) November 6, 2015


5. If they stocked that telescope though…

The only downside to the #JohnLewisXmasAd is that I can't find that powerful telescope anywhere on their website. #ManOnTheMoon

— Elliot Gonzalez (@elliot_gonzalez) November 6, 2015


6. Crisis-stricken local government services seem to have hit a new low

Just seen this year's #JohnLewis Christmas advert. You'd think they could've found the poor sod a Care Home closer to home. #JohnLewisXmasAd

— Paul Johnson (@Pablito999) November 6, 2015


7. Not to mention Britain’s immigration policy

BREAKING: UK Government refuses asylum application of #ManOnTheMoon

— Larry the Cat (@Number10cat) November 6, 2015


8. Hang on, isn’t he a British citizen anyway?

Why is Noddy Holder on the moon? #manonthemoon

— Sean (@Banzai_Sean) November 6, 2015


9. Couldn’t the little girl have sent him something a bit more useful?

Why didn't she send him a rocket or some oxygen or food supplies? #manonthemoon

— David Thorp (@DavidThorp) November 6, 2015


If I'm ever stranded on the moon, please don't let a 6 year-old girl decide what goes in the care package. #ManOnTheMoon #JohnLewis

— News Thump (@newsthump) November 6, 2015


10. And actually, isn’t a telescope the worst possible gift?

Like the idea of the #manonthemoon, but sending someone stuck on the moon a telescope so he can see what he's missing out on is brutal.

— Ben & Rob (@benandrob) November 6, 2015


11. Seriously, this girl seems a bit dark…

"Girl discovers man trapped on moon; fails to raise the alarm & forces him to become her personal plaything" #ManOnTheMoon

— Rob Fuller (@robfuller91) November 6, 2015


12. People were looking forward to some video mash-ups

How long until the inevitable 'Rear Window' edit of the #JohnLewisXmasAd ?

— Simon Pegg (@Simon_Pegg) November 6, 2015


… Or the inevitable Roger Moore/Moonraker/Looking through a telescope edit of the #JohnLewisXmasAd Thanks, @JoeScaramanga

— Simon Pegg (@Simon_Pegg) November 6, 2015


Or, the inevitable 'Iron Sky' edit of the #JohnLewisXmasAd – So many possibilities…

— Simon Pegg (@Simon_Pegg) November 6, 2015


You know the drill: “In 1945 the Nazis went to the Moon. In 2015 a little girl sent them a telescope.”


13. Some people reckoned John Lewis were outing a moon landing conspiracy

#ManOnTheMoon holds up a sign: "It's me, Buzz – an alien took my form & travelled back to Earth in 1969. You're all doomed!"

— James Martin (@Pundamentalism) November 6, 2015


14. Others were concerned how the Daily Mail might cover these lunar developments

Daily Mail: IS MOON PERVERT SPYING ON YOUR KIDS? Do helium balloons cause cancer? Protect your pension – move to the moon #ManOnTheMoon

— Larry the Cat (@Number10cat) November 6, 2015


15. Either way, people think Monty the penguin is so 2014 now

Monty sits alone in his bedsit, watching the John Lewis #ManOnTheMoon advert, surrounded by empty ice cream tubs. How quickly they forget.

— innocent drinks (@innocent) November 6, 2015


16. Well, not everyone

Needs more penguins, lads. #manonthemoon

— Iain Macintosh (@iainmacintosh) November 6, 2015


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