9-1-1 fans react to that big break up from the season finale

Oliver Stark as Evan "Buck" Buckley in 9-1-1 season 5.
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9-1-1 came to an end last night, and fans were definitely relieved to see Buck and Taylor finally calling it quits in the season finale. 

The pair had both made mistakes in their relationship and had begun to avoid one another. Eventually, in the  9-1-1 season 5 finale, they had a frank conversation about the state of their relationship and Buck told her he "didn't wanna keep on making the same mistakes" and needed things to change. 

When Taylor suggested they try a "clean slate", he replied "Yeah. Just not together, leading Taylor to later return the key she had to Buck's house. This moment got plenty of fans talking, as they were very happy for Buck having taken the step to end the relationship for himself.

One viewer wrote: "buck being the one to break up with taylor is such a huge step for him. like, let's go character development!!"

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Another wrote: "LBH Buck breaking up with Taylor is GROWTH. Man is always chasing people and he finally realized he can't fix something and stopped chasing it", and there were even more viewers who claimed it was one of the highlights of the finale. 

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Buck's turning point wasn't just a big deal for fans, though; whilst speaking to Deadline, 9-1-1 executive producer Kristen Reidel has since revealed exactly what this moment meant for him. 

Kristen said: "Buck’s had an interesting transformation on the show. He was this wreckless guy when we first meet him going from one woman to another. Then he met Abby (Connie Britton) and it made him want to be a better man. In a lot of ways, I think maybe Buck overcorrected a little. 

"So his relationship with Taylor was important because what we needed was for Buck to realize how he feels matters too. He doesn’t need to suck things up all the time to keep a relationship going. It’s ok to say, 'This isn’t working for me.'

"It was an important step for Buck that this time he wasn’t the guy who got left. He was the guy who decided it was time to end things."

9-1-1 will return for a sixth season. You can stream past episodes on Fox.com and Hulu and on Disney Plus in the UK.

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