Aesha from Below Deck Down Under left in tears by Ryan and Magda

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Between chef Ryan McKeown's bad attitude and third stew Magda Ziomek's constant texting and slow pace, fans have been wondering if either one of the less-than-star employees is who gets fired on Below Deck Down Under this season. 

But beyond their lack of work ethic, the twosome tapped into even more extracurricular drama on episode 10 of Below Deck Down Under season 1 when they joined forces to bash chief stew Aesha Scott for everything from the volume of her laugh to her delegating style. 

During a free night out with the crew, Magda — who was most recently admonished by Aesha for sleeping an entire workday away while guest beds remained unmade and bathrooms uncleaned — tries to gossip about the chief with her fellow stew Tumi Mhlongo. 

"On my first boat, I wasn't like best friends with my chief stew, and now is the same," Madga tells her."It's not that you're not getting along, it's just that you're not synching in with what she needs," Tumi diplomatically responds. "When I was third stew, I got battered," she reminds Magda that there are way harder chiefs than Aesha. 

Later, Madga commiserates with Ryan McKeown about her boss: "I'm just trying to be friendly and treat her the same way, but she's not the type of person I would go for as a friend. She would never be my friend." 

"She thinks her s*it don't smell," the Below Deck Down Under chef responds. "I'm not going to let her make me out to be the assh*ole."

The duo tries to pull Tumi into their trash talk, but the stew won't have it and defends Aesha: "This is my fear about being chief stew is that everyone always speaks sh*t about a chief stew but no one really knows what they do."   

"You should be the last person to be talking about work ethic right now," Tumi says of Ryan in a confessional. "I think Ryan is scared to tell Aesha what he's saying to her face, and it's easier to just bitch about her behind her back. That's not fair." Tumi takes Aesha aside and tells her the contents of Ryan and Magda's bashing. 

"All I've done is be so kind to Magda, giving her so much lenience that she doesn't f*cking deserve, and now she's gonna go and talk sh*t about me behind my back?...F*ck that, I'm done with it," Aesha says during a confessional. 

Scott continues: "When you question my work ethic which is one of the most important things that I hold, that's my soft spot. It's really disappointing for Magda to be running off to Ryan and banding together against me."

The chief stew is solemn and quiet in the cab on the right back to the boat, choosing to go back to her bunk rather than join her crewmates in the jacuzzi after their night out. When deckhand Brittini Burton goes to check on her, Aesha breaks down in tears. 

Fans back up Aesha, Below Deck chief stew, on Twitter:

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The remaining episodes air every Thursday on Peacock for US audiences. The series will also be available on Hayu for fans in the UK. 

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