Who gets fired on Below Deck Down Under?

Who gets fired on Below Deck Down Under season 1 episode 9?
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It's only a matter of time before a crewmate on the luxury yacht Thalassa gets the ax— after all, teaser clips from Below Deck Down Under season 1 show our hunky Captain Jason Chambers telling one unfortunate member of the cast: "I had to make a decision. I'm going to let you go." But who exactly will that person be?

There are several worthy suspects in this week's episode alone. After staying up until the wee hours of the night FaceTiming her boyfriend, Polish model turned third stew Magda Ziomek sleeps most of the next day away instead of finishing up cabin clean-ups for the boat's upcoming charter guests. When chief stew Aesha Scott discovers Magda napping in her bed with none of the guest beds made or showers cleaned, she's livid.

"I was feeling very sick today, and very tired," Magda tries to explain.
"Is that why you're working so slow?"
"I never work slow, okay? Never work slow!" Magda replies.
"Don't raise your voice at me, I'm your chief stew."

Magda later apologizes for her tone, but Aesha tells her that she's "quite pissed off" that nothing is finished. "I feel betrayed. Have I created some sort of vibe where Magda thinks she can straight-up f*ck with me and get away with it?" Scott says in a confessional. "Ugh, it's just really f*cking irritating." 

Aesha punishes Magda by putting her on service, giving her "less time hiding downstairs, texting her boyfriend and getting away with whatever she can."

Chef Ryan McKeown, already not known for his work ethic this season, also goes head-to-head with his boss. Captain Jason recently threatened to replace the Below Deck Down Under chef due to Ryan's poor attitude and lack of ambition, and after this week's showdown, it looks like he may finally live up to that threat. 

Captain Jason is asked to join this week's charter guests for dinner, during which there are plating issues and an oversalted Italian feast. "I'm sitting at the dinner table with a friend of mine, who is the primary. This is embarrassing," the captain says. "Ryan needs less attitude and less salt."

"I want to see some wow factor going," Captain Jason later tells the chef. "I guess that's why I'm feeding the guests and not the captain all the time. There's my answer, sorry. Anyway, I got sh*it to do," Ryan snaps back. 

Things get worse when the captain is alerted that Ryan hadn't cooked the fresh seafood the guests had caught earlier in the day and requested to be prepared for their dinner. When Ryan started getting defensive and disrespectful, Captain Jason gives it right back to him: "I copped your bullsh*t downstairs, I won't cop it again...I don't want your attitude and I won't f*cking cop it one more second." 

Things are left on a cliffhanger, but it looks like there will be some personnel changes come next episode!

Fans theorize who gets fired on Below Deck Down Under:

Who will be the Below Deck Down Under castmate to get the hook? Here's what fans are saying on social media. 

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The remaining episodes air every Thursday on Peacock for US audiences. The series will also be available on Hayu for fans in the UK. 

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