Amanda Holden makes this shocking holiday revelation

Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden. (Image credit: A West/MEGA/GC Images)

Amanda Holden regularly shares her holiday snaps on Instagram, but she has recently revealed that she sometimes bears it all when she’s off on her jollies!

She was a guest on the most recent episode of Alan Carr’s podcast Life’s A Beach, which sees the presenter and comedian chatting to celebrities all about their holidays. 

Towards the end of the episode, he asks his guest a set of quickfire questions about their preferences, including whether they’d go nude on holiday. The Britain's Got Talent judge admitted that she prefers to go without a bikini in private!

Amanda said: “Nudist, totally, I never wear a bikini on holiday, but I wouldn’t mix with other nudists. There’s a difference.” 

Alan joked that this was just when you’re in a private villa rather than staying in an all-inclusive resort, but Amanda interrupted him to say that she’s even served Sunday lunch naked!

The Britain's Got Talent judge didn't just reveal she ditches her bikini whilst away on holiday, though! 

Whilst going over some of her past holidays, she also recalled a nightmare experience that she went through with her eldest daughter, Alexa, and her husband and husband Chris Hughes years ago.

They'd traveled to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for a holiday whilst she was pregnant with her second daughter, Hollie, and they landed after a twelve-hour flight. When Chris handed over his passport to security, he was hauled away by a security guard!

Amanda explained: “I went mad. Chris said he could see me indicating and pointing my finger at this big, tough security man because, apparently, they were looking for a Chris Hughes in the world that had been a tax invader.”

“They were pulling in every single Chris Hughes, it’s quite a common name, he’s had upgrades off the back of his name so it’s not all been bad! I was literally threatened with arrest if I didn’t calm down, but I was pregnant, off a twelve-hour flight and we had to wait two hours until they cleared his name!”

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