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'And Just Like That' fans speechless after first episode airs unexpected dark twist

And Just Like That
Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are back. (Image credit: Sky)

It's the day that Sex and the City fans have waited almost two decades for as the show's sequel And Just Like That has finally arrived on HBO and Sky. 

As soon as the first episode opened, it was like it was 2004 again and we were back where we belonged with Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda, with stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis slipping back into their alter egos' Manolo Blahniks like the last 17 years never happened

But despite being treated once again to the bold fashions and luxury restaurants that we came to know and love in Sex and the City, the first half-hour of the pilot episode feels a little forced, with the script crowbarring in everything that's needed to prove the show is now culturally savvy. 

And Just Like That Carrie and Big

Carrie and Big are still very much in love.  (Image credit: Sky)

Also in the first half-hour of the episode, Samantha's absence from the show is glossed over (she has moved to London and doesn't speak to any of her former friends), the pandemic is addressed numerous times, and Carrie and Mr Big are quite clearly the picture of happiness. In fact, Carrie is so very much in love that she even manages to miss the fact that Miranda, one of her closest friends, has taken to drinking in the middle of the day — huge friend fail.

Things soon take a turn for the better... although if you came to And Just Like That for 50 minutes of luxe fashion and cosmopolitans, you're in for a shock.

And Just Like That

Carrie's love for shoes still knows no limits.  (Image credit: Sky)

After reestablishing all the cast (who are very much still like the 30 somethings we remember) and bringing us up to speed very neatly with what has been going on in everyone's lives since we last saw them, there is a sudden dark turn at the end of the episode which will leave fans blindsided.

The twist, which we won't spoil for those of you who haven't watched the episode yet, has left viewers stunned, and many took to social media to share their shock at the plot twist that they never saw coming...

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The second episode of And Just Like That, which is also now available to stream in the US on HBO and in the UK on Sky, will see the trio navigating their way through the fall out from episode one, trying to work out what direction their lives should now be heading. 

Make sure you watch because we have got a feeling this is a series that is going to get better and better over time... just like Carrie and her friends. 

The first two episodes of And Just Like That are available to stream now exclusively on HBO Max in the US and Sky Comedy and NOW in the UK. 

Don't miss how to watch And Just Like That online.