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HBO Max original series: everything on the streaming service

Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi in Our Flag Means Death
(Image credit: Aaron Epstein/HBO Max)

HBO has long been a network regarded for some having the best TV series around and they are now expanding that traditional output with a large and growing slate of shows for its streaming service, HBO Max

From dramas to docuseries, HBO Max original series are getting similar praise from both reviewers and audiences — particularly for shows like The Flight Attendant, Hacks, Julia, Our Flag Means Death, The Staircase, Tokyo Vice and more.

In addition to developing the original slate, some of these series were picked up by HBO Max after originally airing elsewhere originally or are co-productions with other networks, but they've found a home on the streaming service.

If you want to know every HBO Max original series that is available on the streaming service right now, as well as what is coming, we've compiled a complete list for you. Of course, you'll need to be a subscriber to HBO Max to watch any of these shows, but for $9.99 a month, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

HBO Max original series — released

HBO Max original series — Drama

Colin Firth and Toni Collette in The Staircase

Colin Firth and Toni Collette in The Staircase (Image credit: HBO Max)

In a near-future civil-war-torn America, fearless medic Alma sets out on a harrowing quest to find her missing son — crossing the demilitarized zone of Manhattan, where a ruthless battle for control rages between rival gang leaders.

The Girl Before
After getting the chance to move into an ultra-minimalist house designed by an enigmatic architect Edward Monkford, Jane begins to question if her fate will be the same as the woman who lived there before.

Gossip Girl
Nearly a decade after the original Gossip Girl's website went dark, a new generation of New York City private school teens are introduced to the unflattering reality of 24/7 social surveillance.

In 1962, intrepid chef and cookbook author Julia Child brings her signature panache into American living rooms with The French Chef — her groundbreaking series that pioneered the modern cooking show.

It's a Sin
The poignant drama series charts the thrilling and emotional journey of a tight-knit group of friends living in London during the 1980s, a decade forever changed by the AIDS crisis.

The DC origin story follows Bruce Wayne's legendary butler, Alfred Pennyworth, a former British SAS soldier who forms a security company and goes to work with young billionaire Thomas Wayne, who's not yet Bruce's billionaire father.

Raised by Wolves
After Earth is ravaged by a great religious war, two androids set out to raise human children on the mysterious virgin planet Kepler-22b, a treacherous task jeopardized by the arrival of a devout congregation of surviving humans.

The Staircase
Inspired by a true story, The Staircase explores the life of Michael Peterson, his sprawling North Carolina family, and the suspicious death of his wife, Kathleen Peterson.

Station Eleven
A post-apocalyptic saga spanning multiple timelines, this limited drama series tells the stories of survivors of a devastating flu pandemic (too soon???) as they attempt to rebuild and reimagine the world anew while holding on to the best of what's been lost. Station Eleven is based on the international bestseller of the same name by Emily St. John Mandel.

Follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find where they belong. 

Tokyo Vice
Loosely inspired by American journalist Jake Adelstein's non-fiction, first-hand account of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police beat. The crime drama series — filmed on location in Tokyo — captures Adelstein's daily descent into the neon-soaked underbelly of Tokyo in the late 90s, where nothing and no one is truly what or who they seem.

The Tourist
A British man finds himself in the glowing red heart of the Australian outback being pursued by a vast tank truck trying to drive him off the road. An epic cat and mouse chase unfold and the man later wakes in the hospital, hurt, but somehow alive — except he has no idea who he is. With merciless figures from his past pursuing him, The Man’s search for answers propels him through the vast and unforgiving outback.

A gritty, action-packed crime drama set during the brutal Tong Wars of San Francisco’s Chinatown in the late 19th century and based on the writings of martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

HBO Max original series — Comedy

Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder in Hacks

Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder in Hacks (Image credit: Karen Ballard/HBO Max)

And Just Like That...
The new chapter of the groundbreaking HBO series Sex and the City follows Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte as they navigate the journey from the complicated reality of life and friendship in their 30s to the even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s.

Doom Patrol
Doom Patrol reimagines one of DC’s most beloved groups of superheroes who all suffered a horrible accident that gave them superhuman abilities but also left them scarred and disfigured. Part support group, part Super Hero team, the Doom Patrol is a band of superpowered freaks who fight for a world that wants nothing to do with them.

The Flight Attendant
A reckless flight attendant with an alcohol problem finds herself caught up in the world of espionage and conspiracy. Can she solve the mystery while also dealing with her own personal issues?

The Garcias
Revisiting the beloved TV sitcom family, this all-new reboot of The Brothers Garcia follows the Garcias as they embrace life under the same roof while visiting Uncle George's vacation home in the Riviera Maya.

Follows a diverse group of high school students as they explore their identity and sexuality, testing their conservative community's deeply entrenched beliefs about life, love and family.

Gordita Chronicles
A Latina reporter looking back on her childhood as a chubby, willful and reluctant Dominican immigrant growing up with her eccentric family in 1980s Miami.

To salvage her waning career, legendary Las Vegas comedian Deborah Vance is forced to team up with an entitled, outcast television writer. Much waspish comedy ensues.

Head of the Class
Revolves around a group of overachieving high school students who meet their greatest challenge — a teacher, Alicia Gomez, who wants them to focus less on grades and more on experiencing life.

Love Life
A romantic comedy anthology series that focuses on individuals' pursuit of love.

Made for Love
After discovering that her husband implanted a monitoring device — the Made for Love chip — in her brain, allowing him to track her, watch her and know her "emotional data," Hazel flees to her desert hometown to take refuge with her outcast father Herbert (Ray Romano) and his synthetic partner, Diane.

Set in 1970s Los Angeles and centers around Joyce, an earnest young feminist who joins forces with a low-rent publisher to create the first erotic magazine for women.

The Other Two
When Cary and Brooke Dubek's 13-year-old brother becomes an overnight sensation, their unglamorous lives as "the other two" are thrown into sheer chaos — a perpetual struggle only escalated by their 53-year-old mother's burgeoning fame. 

Our Flag Means Death
Very loosely based on the true adventures of 18th-century would-be pirate Stede Bonnet. After trading in the seemingly charmed life of a gentleman for one of a swashbuckling buccaneer, Stede became captain of the pirate ship Revenge. Struggling to earn the respect of his potentially mutinous crew, Stede’s fortunes changed after a fateful run-in with the infamous Captain Blackbeard. To their surprise, the wildly different Stede and Blackbeard found more than friendship on the high seas… they found love. Now they have to survive it.

Follows the explosive escapades of the character that John Cena reprises in the aftermath of James Gunn’s 2021 film The Suicide Squad — a compellingly vainglorious man who believes in peace at any cost, no matter how many people he has to kill to get it.

Search Party
This cult comedy-thriller finds a group of narcissistic millennials at a dark crossroads after their friend Dory becomes obsessed with tracking down a missing college acquaintance.

The Sex Lives of College Girls
Follows four lovably chaotic friends on a mission to grow into their truest, freest selves while attending Vermont's prestigious Essex College. From The Mindy Project's Mindy Kaling.

Sort Of
While making bold moves to figure out who they really want to be, nonbinary millennial Sabi — the youngest child of Pakistani parents — steps in as caretaker of a downtown Toronto family.

South Side
Follows two friends who are ready to take over the world, but until they do, they're stuck working at Rent-T-Own.

When Jessie, a directionless millennial juggling two dead-end jobs, unknowingly sleeps with Tom Kapoor, one of London's hottest movie stars, they attempt to navigate an awkward morning-after and the unexpected complications that follow.

That Damn Michael Che
Experience everyday situations from Michael Che's distinct perspective.

HBO Max original series — Docuseries

Ravi Patel rides a bike in Ravi Patel's Pursuit of Happiness

Ravi Patel's Pursuit of Happiness (Image credit: HBO Max)

Brené Brown: Atlas of the Heart
Grounded in over two decades of research, six-time No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Brené Brown takes viewers on an interactive journey as they share the language, tools and framework for meaningful connection.

Czech It Out!
Famous foodie Lukas Hejlik and his daughter Klara embark on a cross-country road trip to explore all the eats that the Czech Republic has to offer — while getting to know each other a bit better along the way.

Dolores: The Truth About the Wanninkof Case
Twenty years after being wrongly convicted for murder, Dolores Vazquez shares her candid account of the infamous Rocio Wanninkof case — one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in Spain's recent history.

Chronicles the landmark events and forgotten heroes of the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement.

The Event
Culinary mastermind Wolfgang Puck invites you into the kitchen of his elite catering company as his team tackles some of Southern California's biggest, most exclusive events.

Expecting Amy
An unfiltered series taking viewers behind the scenes as comedian Amy Schumer battles through a difficult pregnancy while creating her most intimate stand-up special yet.

Gaming Wall Street
Kieran Culkin narrates this docuseries exploring the historic 2021 short squeeze of GameStop and how a group of armchair investors and online vigilantes ultimately helped expose the dark underbelly of Wall Street.

Generation Hustle
The cunning exploits of 10 overzealous entrepreneurs, who each went to extraordinary lengths to secure fame, fortune or power.

Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults
Explores the infamous Heaven's Gate cult and the stranger-than-fiction circumstances that culminated in the largest mass suicide in US history.

House of Ho
A multi-generational series that follows the extravagant Hos, a Houston-based Vietnamese-American family whose multi-million dollar empire epitomizes the American Dream.

Not So Pretty
Narrated by Keke Palmer, the docuseries investigates the beauty, hair and nailcare industries, exposing the coverups, secrets and ugly truths behind products we use daily — often at our own and the planet's peril.

One Perfect Shot
Ava DuVernay invites Hollywood's top directors to take an in-depth look back at one of their most memorable and iconic film scenes — one frame at a time.

On My Way with Irina Rimes
After two years of working nonstop, singer Irina Rimes makes a two-week journey in a mobile studio, traveling across Romania and beyond in order to reconnect with herself, find inspiration and complete her new album, Home.

Ravi Patel’s Pursuit of Happiness
Follows actor Ravi Patel as he travels the world seeking answers to life's universal questions.

Take Out with Lisa Lang
Journalist Lisa Land takes a cross-country trip to explore diverse Asian-American communities and cuisines, with help from the artists, chefs, community leaders and everyday people who are redefining what it means to be American.

Through Our Eyes
Explores some of today's most challenging issues, parental incarceration, climate displacement, military caregiving and homelessness from the perspective of children who experience them every day.

Wahl Street
Catch a glimpse into global star Mark Wahlberg's life as he juggles the demands of his personal and professional worlds and hustles to grow his expanding business empire.

The Way Down: God, Greed and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin
Examines the rise of the controversial Remnant Fellowship, a weight-loss-based Christian Church, and its charismatic late founder Gwen Shamblin Lara.

What Happened, Brittany Murphy?
An intimate, in-depth character portrait of actor Brittany Murphy, going beyond the headlines to explore the mysterious circumstances surrounding her tragic death at 32.

HBO Max original series — Animation

The Prince animated series

The Prince (Image credit: HBO Max)

Close Enough
Dives into the life of a millennial family and their divorced BFFs, who all live together under one chaotic roof in Los Angeles.

gen: LOCK
A daring team of fighters in a dystopian future must band together as an oppressive authoritarian force threatens to conquer the world.

Harley Quinn
The newly single Harley Quinn sets off to make it on her own in Gotham City.

Infinity Train
After boarding a mysterious, inter-dimensional train, passengers must enter strange new worlds, solve puzzles and fight monsters in order to find their way back home.

The Prince
Seven-year-old Prince George — and heir to the British throne — spills all the royal "tea" on Buckingham Palace's residents and staff.

Santa Inc.
Intrepid elf Candy Smalls will do anything to be named the first female Santa — even if she has to fight like a man to get it.

Summer Camp Island
Anything is possible at Oscar and Hedgehog's magical sleepaway camp, where the best friends spend their days having strange encounters with mystical creatures — and begin to discover their own otherworldly potential. 

Ten Year Old Tom
Being a kid is harder than ever, but especially for innocent elementary school student Tom, who regularly contends with questionable guidance from the well-meaning grownups around him.

Young Justice
This spy drama explores the entire DC Universe through the eyes of young superheroes as they come of age, balancing truth and justice against the secrets and lies of various villains, allies and of their own making.

HBO Max original series — Kids and Family

Sesame Street

(Image credit: HBO)

Adventure Times: Distant Lands
Return to the Land of Ooo and beyond in four new, unforgettable Adventure Time specials.

Aquaman: King of Atlantis
Alongside trusted allies Mera and Vulko, King Aquaman faces unscrupulous surface dwellers, ancient evils from beyond time and his half-brother's attempts to overthrow him all to prove that he's the right man for the throne.

Cartoonito Shorts
Cartoonito presents snack-size original shorts, featuring colorful new characters and fantastic new friends.

Esme & Roy
From the makers of Sesame Street, Esme and her monster pal Roy team on babysitting adventures. 

The Fungies
Follows Seth, a young Fungie who wants to share his love of science with friends — but whose search for adventure often stirs up trouble in prehistoric Fungietown, leading to hilarious and heartwarming surprises.

Welcome to the kooky community of Jellystone, where Yogi Bear, Top Cat, Huckleberry Hound, Jabberjaw and an endless parade of colorful characters live, work and play together — all while trying to not destroy the town.

Little Ellen
A hilarious and imaginative 7-year-old Ellen DeGeneres finds fun and adventure in New Orleans with her wise and eccentric Gramsy, musical best friends Freckle, fashion-forward cousin Becky and clever cat Charlie. 

Looney Tunes Cartoons
An all-new series starring the iconic Looney Tunes characters.

Lucas the Spider
Follows the adventures of a big-hearted, impossibly cute little jumping spider in a human-sized suburban home. This happy, inquisitive, music-loving, 4-year-old wants us to join him as he explores this giant world.

My Sesame Street Friends
Join your favorite Sesame Street friends as they discover the magic of learning and explore an exciting range of topics, from animals and superheroes to theater, music, transportation and much, much more.

Sesame Street
The longest-running children's series has a new home on HBO Max.

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?
The Mystery Inc. gang welcomes new members. Faced with some of their toughest mysteries yet, Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo join forces with some of the biggest names in celebrity and pop culture.

After unearthing a mysterious relic in an ancient Egyptian tomb, turn-of-the-century teen Theodosia Throckmorton must use her newfound magical powers to battle dark forces and try to save the world — one spell at a time.

Tig n’ Seek
Follows the wacky adventures of Tiggy and his inventive cat, Gweeseek, at Wee-Gee City's Department of Lost and Found.

Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs
Best friends Pebbles Flintstone and Bamm-Bamm Rubble take their pet Dino on wild escapades through the Stone Age.

HBO Max original series — Reality

FBOY Island on HBO Max

FBOY Island (Image credit: HBO Max)

12 Dates of Christmas
Natasha Rothwell narrates this unpredictable dating competition series — complete with mistletoe mischief and dramatic twists — as three sexy single "lLeads" search for a special someone to bring home for the holidays.

40 Means Nothing
In this intergenerational dating show, three single women in their 40s dare to open their hearts and minds to fall in love with younger men.

About Last Night
Ayesha and Stephen Curry host the ultimate date night challenge that finds three couples competing in uncensored and uproarious games to discover who knows their partner best — and win up to $25,000 for a charity of their choice.

Viral baking sensation Rosanna Pansino invites us into her larger-than-life sugary wonderland, where contestants create dazzling, delicious and inventive desserts to win the praise of Ro's "Cake Council" and compete for cash prizes.

The Big Shot with Bethenny
Step into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of self-made mega-mogul Bethany Frankel as she searches for her second-in-command — a VP of operations with the drive, vision and killer instinct to help catapult her brand to the next level. 

The Bridge
This reality competition series drops a group of strangers into the wilderness to construct a massive bridge in a matter of days and with limited supplies — all in hopes of taking home a cash prize.

Craft sensation LaurDIY hosts contestants of all ages as they take on epic challenges in a magical studio where sequins, sparkles and creativity reign supreme.

The Cut
Twelve talented hairdressers aim to cut out the competition in their quest for the title of Brazil's top stylist.

Ellen’s Next Great Designer
Designers from across the county create remarkably unique pieces of furniture for the chance to win a $100,000 grand prize and the title of "Ellen's Next Great Designer."

FBOY Island
Three gorgeous women search for commitment among 24 suitors but for a shot at love and the $100,000 prize, they'll have to figure out who's really a "nice guy" and who's a self-proclaimed "FBoy."

Finding Magic Mike
Ten men bare their souls — and bodies — for a life-changing opportunity to perform on the Magic Mike Live stage in Vegas and take home $100,000 in this reality competition series.

Full Bloom
Ten fabulous, blossoming florists make the world a little more beautiful as they compete for a life-changing $100,000 grand prize.

Haute Dog
Top pet stylists from across the country battle it out in the world's most adorable dog grooming competition for the title of Best in Show and a chance to win $10,000.

The Hype
Competing for a career-changing co-sign and $150,000, up-and-coming streetwear visionaries elevate their cutting-edge designs and entrepreneurial hustle to prove their brand is the future of fashion — and worthy of the hype.

Fabulously talented voguing houses ignite the runway at extravagant balls, leaving judges Leiomy Maldonado, Jameela Jamil, Law Roach and Megan Thee Stallion to crown one house truly legendary with a historic $100,000 grand prize.

My Mom, Your Dad
A reality dating series hosted by Yvonne Orji finds a group of single parents looking for a second shot at love, as their college-age kids keep taps on their every move from behind the scenes.

One True Singer
Fourteen up-and-coming Romanian musicians, singers and songwriters live and train together as they battle it out for a once-in-a-lifetime record deal and cash prize.

Queen Stars
Twenty show-stopping queens battle it out for a spot in Brazil's newest pop drag trio.

Selena + Chef
Selena Gomez invites top-tier chefs into her kitchen to learn the ins and outs of making a great meal — from refining techniques to embracing inevitable mess — all via video chat.

Stylish with Jenna Lyons
Join style icon Jenna Lyons as she incubates her latest business venture — focused on fashion, beauty and home — and tests the design chops of a diverse group of creative associates for a career-changing spot on her team.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles
Tight-knit childhood friends pursue their dreams in the heart of South Los Angeles, offering a unique and aspirational look at what it means to be young, Black and full of ambition.

A World of Calm
A television experience designed to help you relax through a combination of mesmeric imagery and enchanting narration by some of Hollywood's biggest names.

HBO Max original series — Variety

The Not Too Late Show with Elmo

The Not Too Late Show with Elmo (Image credit: HBO Max)

Astral Journey
Expert astrologers consult the stars to give celebrities with the same zodiac sign insights on their past and present — as well as predictions for their futures.

Mo Willems and The Storytime All-Stars Present: Don’t Let the Pigeon Do Storytime Shorts!
Children's author-illustrator Mo Willems and an exciting roster of celebrity actors and comedians known as "The Storytime All-Stars" perform hilarious readings and sketches inspired by Mo's expansive library.

The Not-Too-Late-Show with Elmo
Celebrity guests and real-life kids drop by 123 Sesame Street to sing classic jams and play fun, zany games on Elmo's very own — and very special — variety show.

HBO Max original series — Specials

The Friends Reunion special poster

Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow in Friends: The Reunion  (Image credit: WarnerMedia)

And Just Like That … The Documentary
A deep immersion into the work behind And Just Like That... following the return of Sex and the City's most iconic characters and dedicated crew.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cast reunites for a special celebration of the iconic series' 30th anniversary, a night filled with laughter, music, dancing and surprise guests.

Friends: The Reunion
The cast of Friends reunites for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of the hit series, an unforgettable evening filled with iconic memories, uncontrollable laughter, happy tears and special guests. 

Furry Friends Forever: Elmo Gets a Puppy
In this special teaching us how to love and care for our furry friends, Elmo and Grover help a sweet stray puppy find a forever home.

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts
This retrospective special reunites Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and other esteemed cast members and filmmakers across all eight Harry Potter films for the first time to celebrate the anniversary of the franchise's first film.

Lucas the Spider Shorts: Meet the Boop Troop
Lucas introduces us to his diverse friendship group, one by one, in his own joyous, hilarious way. As Lucas is all about togetherness, he sings the Altogether Song with the bunch, demonstrating that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.

The Monster at the End of This Story
With a little help from his friends, Sesame Street's loveable, furry Grover learns all about bravery and ways to handle nerves.

The Power of We: A Sesame Street Special
Everyone's favorite furry red monster is back with a brand-new special to teach us the importance of standing up and speaking out when people are treated unfairly.

See Us Coming Together: A Sesame Street Special
Created for kids and adults to watch together and celebrate the rich diversity of Asian and Pacific Islander communities as part of Sesame Workshop's ongoing racial justice initiative.

Sesame Street: Elmo's Playdate
The Sesame Street gang joins celebrity guests for this special aimed at helping kids feel connected in this time of uncertainty.

Sesame Street Elmo’s Playdate: Scavenger Hunt
Elmo and friends are back with a brand-new special that shows staying at home can still be fun with a little imagination.

A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote
The award-winning original cast of The West Wing comes together for a special presentation of its "Hartsfield's Landing" episode to benefit the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization When We All Vote.

HBO Max original series — International series

Veneno HBO Max

Veneno (Image credit: Atresmedia/HBO Max)

Amsterdam (Spanish)
Just when long-time couple Nadia and Martin begin to consider separating, an adorable stray dog finds his way into their home and the pair attempt to care for the animal together.

Beforeigners (Norwegian)
After solving a case involving the arrival of "timeigrants" from Norway's past, detective Lars Haaland once again teams up with Viking beforeigner Alfhildr to unravel a series of murders tied to one of history's most notorious killers.

Bilardo, El Doctor del Futbol (Spanish)
The journey and career of Carlos Salvador Bilardo, a world champion coach for Argentina in 1986.

Bunker (Spanish)
After his son becomes entangled in a plot to kidnap a local theme park tycoon, a meek plunger salesman is forced to choose between the safety of his fractured family and his beloved Soviet-era underground bunker.

Dafne and the Rest (Spanish)
A tight-knit group of frustrated, unfulfilled 30-somethings makes their way through life and love in Madrid.

The Informant (Hungarian)
A chess champion's college year is upended when he's blackmailed into spying on a pro-democracy rebel leader in 1985's Communist Hungary.

Kamikaze (Danish)
After receiving a shocking text, 18-year-old Julie's seemingly perfect life is forever changed.

Love Spells (Spanish)
Ana is at the peak of her life, but after three divorces and three kids to support, she feels she's walking straight into the abyss. An urgent call turns her life upside down and changes her fate forever.

Lust (Swedish)
After her nationwide study suggests that sex is the highway to health, Anette and her three lifelong friends begin to question how to keep their own sex lives from being sidelined by careers, kids, partners and the realities of life.

The Missing (Portugese)
After a mysterious stranger enters the picture, a former police chief turned private investigator dedicated to reuniting clients with missing loved ones is forced to grapple with his own past.

Perfect Life (Spanish)
Blindsided by a breakup and pregnancy, Maria's meticulous life plan begins to slip into disarray — until she learns the beauty in the mess with help from her sister Esther and best friend Cristina.

Ruxx (Romanian)
Reliable 30-something Rux's plans to leave Bucharest to join her long-distance lover in LA are upended when her boss assigns her to his wife's mayoral race and pairs her with a know-it-all colleague.

Rap Battlefield (Spanish)
Set in Buenos Aires, this series follows young artists Leon, Rafaela and Andy as they take on the unpredictable world of competitive freestyle rap, tackling personal and professional obstacles along the path to greatness.

The Thaw (Polish)
When the body of a young woman is discovered in an icy river, recently widowed detective Katarzyna Zawieja fights for her life while trying to solve the case.

A Thousand Fangs (Spanish)
A commando team faces dark and supernatural forces during a mission deep in the Colombian jungle in this horror series.

Veneno (Spanish)
Valeria is in for the adventure of a lifetime when she meets her idol, the incomparable trans icon Cristina "La Veneno," and begins to write her memoir.

HBO Max originals — in deveolpment

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake (kids & family)
Além do Guarda-Roupa (international)
The Amazing World of Gumball: the Series (kids & family)
Amy Learns To… (docuseries)
Anon Pls (drama)
Batman: Caped Crusader (kids & family)
Batwheels (kids & family)
Bea’s Block (kids & family)
The Big Brunch (reality)
Birth, Wedding, Funeral (docuseries)
Brad & Gary Go To… (docuseries)
Breath of Fire (docuseries)
Circe (drama)
Charlotte’s Web (kids & family)
The Climb (reality)
Clone High (animation)
Crime Farm (drama)
DC Super Hero High (drama)
Dead Boy Detectives (drama)
Degrassi (drama)
Did I Do That to the Holidays? A Steve Urkel Story (special)
Dune: The Sisterhood (drama)
Duster (drama)
Fired on Mars (animation)
First Dates Hospital (reality)
Full Circle (drama)
Garica (international)
The Girl on the Bus (drama)
The Greatest Space (reality)
Green Lantern (drama)
Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai (kids & family)
How to Screw It All Up (international)
ID (international)
Invincible Fight Girl (kids & family)
Jade Armor (kids & family)
Justice League Dark (drama)
Love and Death (drama)
The Mentalist Korean adaptation (international)
Menudo: Forever Young (docuseries)
Merry Little Batman (special)
Murdaugh Family Mysteries (docuseries)
My Adventures with Superman (kids & family)
Nicki Minaj (docuseries)
Noonan’s (animation)
The Penguin (drama)
Poor Devil (international)
Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (drama)
Project Greenlight (docuseries)
Rap Sh*t (comedy)
Scooby-Doo! and the Mystery Pups (kids & family)
Sin novedad (international)
S.M.A.S.H. (kids & family)
Strange Adventures (drama)
Subject to Change (drama)
Tiny Toons Looniversity (kids & family)
Tooned Out (comedy)
Unicorn: Warriors Eternal (kids & family)
The Uninhabitable Earth (drama)
Unlimited Squirrels (kids & family)
Untitled Conan O’Brien weekly variety show (variety)
Untitled DC Comics docuseries (docuseries)
Velma (animation)
Warszawianka (international)
We Baby Bears (animated)
Who’s Talking With Chris Wallace (talk show)
The Winner (international)
Young Love (kids & family)

Michael Balderston
Michael Balderston

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