Julia: episodes and everything we know about the new series starring Sarah Lancashire

Sarah Lancashire cooking as Julia Childs in Julia
Sarah Lancashire in Julia (Image credit: Seacia Pavao)

Julia Child is getting another go on TV, as the famous TV chef from the 1960s public TV show The French Chef is the subject of the eponymously titled new series, Julia. British TV star Sarah Lancashire is set to play Child.

This is not the first time that Julia Child has been portrayed on screen. The 2009 movie Julie & Julia saw Meryl Streep play Child (and earn an Oscar nomination for it), with Amy Adams and Stanley Tucci co-starring. While that movie covered both storylines of Streep’s Child and Adams' Julie, this new series will focus solely on Child’s life and career and has the support of The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts.

Here is everything you need to know about Julia.

When is the next Julia episode?

We've reached the Julia season 1 finale in the US, as the eighth and final episode of the first season is available as of May 5.

Julia is still going through its first season for UK audiences after having debuted on April 12, with episodes debuting weekly on Sky TV and NOW TV.

Good news for those who have enjoyed the series so far, HBO Max has officially renewed Julia for season 2. No info was given on when we can expect the second season just yet.

Sarah Lancashire in Julia

Sarah Lancashire will play Julia Child in the new series. US audiences may not be familiar with Lancashire, but she is the star of the popular UK series Happy Valley, for which she won a BAFTA in 2017. Season 3 of Happy Valley is arriving on BBC1 in the UK some time in 2022.

Lancashire has also appeared on TV series like Coronation Street, Skins, 2007’s Oliver Twist mini series, Doctor Who, 2009’s Wuthering Heights mini series, The Accident and Last Tango in Halifax (another BAFTA win). Movie fans may also recognize her from appearances in Danny Boyle’s Yesterday and the Prime Video movie Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

Sarah Lancashire in Happy Valley S3.

Julia star Sarah Lancashire in Happy Valley season arriving on BBC1 in 2022. (Image credit: BBC/Lookout Point/Matt Squire)

Who is in the Julia cast?

David Hyde Pierce and Sarah Lancashire sit next together and hold hands in Julia

David Hyde Pierce and Sarah Lancashire in Julia (Image credit: Seacia Pavao)

Starring alongside Lancashire in Julia is David Hyde Pierce as Child’s husband, Paul Child. David Hyde Pierce is best known for his role on Fraiser playing Dr. Niles Crane, a role he won four Emmys for. He has also starred in the likes of Sleepless in Seattle, A Bug’s Life, Wet Hot American Summer, The Good Wife and more.

Other cast members include Bebe Neuwirth (Madam Secretary), Brittany Bradford (Fear the Walking Dead), Fran Kranz (Homecoming) and Fiona Glascott (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald).

Guest stars on Julia are going to include Isabella Rossellini (Blue Velvet), Judith Light (Tick, tick…Boom!) and James Cromwell (Succession

What is the Julia plot?

The series is all about the life of Julia Child and how she became one of the most famous TV chefs ever. Here is the official synopsis from HBO Max:

"Julia is inspired by Julia Child’s extraordinary life and her long-running television series, The French Chef, which pioneered the modern cooking show. Through Julia’s life and her singular 'joie de vivre,' the series explores a pivotal time in American history – the emergence of public television as a new social institution, feminism and the women’s movement, the nature of celebrity and America’s cultural evolution. At its heart, the series is a portrait of a loving marriage with a shifting power dynamic."

Here are the synopses for all of Julia's episodes that have been released so far:

Julia season 1 Lepisode 1, "Omelette":
"In 1962, cookbook author Julia Child boldly pitches a groundbreaking television series centered on demonstrations for the home cook--despite pushback from male station executives and her own husband."

Julia season 1 episode 2, "Coq Au Vin":
"Facing mounting pressure from station executives, Julia struggles to figure out how to present a complicated recipe. Later, on-set flubs threaten the future of the show  — and Julia's career.

Julia season 1 episode 3, "Boeuf Bourguignon":
"When the show goes over budget, Julia doubles down on her efforts to continue making her dream a reality. As Paul contends with his fearsome father-in-law, Alice struggles with her new assignment."

Julia season 1 episode 4, "Petit Fours":
"As WGBH reaps the rewards of their new star's efforts, a jealous rival threatens the station's burgeoning success. While Julia struggles with the price of fame, Paul begins to accept defeat, and Alice changes tack."

Julia season 1 episode 5, "Crepes Suzette":
"In San Francisco, Julia tests the waters of her newfound celebrity status alongside celebrated chef James Beard, leaving a brooding Paul to question the true cost of his wife's fame."

Julia season 1 episode 6, "Breads":
"While Paul and Judith experiment with baking, Julia tackles a different kind of 'bread.' As a sleep-deprived Russ tasks Alice with even more work, the future of Avis's position on the show is called into question."

Julia season 1 episode 7, "Foie Gras":
"While in New York, Julia and the show receive both accolades and criticism. As Avid forges an unlikely friendship with Paul, Alice finds an unexpected connection of her own."

Julia season 1 episode 8, "Chocolate Souffle":
"After suffering a terrible blow, Julia's future — and the fate of the show — hang in the balance."

Is there a Julia trailer?

HBO Max has released a trailer for Julia, which showcases Lancashire’s performance and some of the challenges she faced professionally and personally as she became a sensation: 

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