Downey's Dream Cars: how to watch, episodes, trailer and everything we know about the docuseries

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Robert Downey Jr. is famous for playing Tony Stark and he apparently shares a passion that his superhero counterpart also had — restoring classic cars. That is on full display in the new Max original series Downey's Dream Cars.

This docuseries, which streams exclusively on Max (the streaming service formerly known as HBO Max), is just one of many summer TV shows that viewers should be keeping their eyes out for. It is also the first of what looks to be a few projects that Downey is doing with Max, including the upcoming limited series The Sympathizer.

You're here for Downey's Dream Cars though, so here is everything that you need to know about the series.

When is the next Downey's Dream Cars episode?

As of Thursday, July 6, two more episodes of Downey's Dream Cars are now streaming on Max. That means that all six episodes of the docuseries are now available to watch. 

New episodes of Downey's Dream Cars should also be available on Discovery Plus in the UK as Thursday, July 6.

Downey's Dream Cars premise 

Get a one-of-a-kind look inside Robert Downey Jr.'s garage in the new docuseries. Here is the official synopsis for the show:

"Robert Downey Jr. loves restoring classic cars. But he's also become dedicated to fighting climate change. So he's bringing his beloved old cars into the future, making them faster, more powerful and more efficient while keeping their souls intact."

Downey's Dream Cars episodes

Here is a synopsis of all the Downey's Dream Cars episodes currently available to stream:

Downey's Dream Cars episode 1, "The Thanos Thumper"
"Robert pursues and ambitious electric conversion on his beast of a K10 truck. Along the way, he test drives two fully-electric cars: the Army's latest tactical vehicle and the world's fastest accelerating production car."

Downey's Dream Cars episode 2, "Not Your Mom's Benz"
"As a child, Robert's true love of driving came from his mom, a real daredevil on the road. She left him her old Benz, and he treasures it to this day. Now he's restoring it with the help of his son, Exton, and a crack crew of diesel experts."

Downey's Dream Cars episode 3, "Riv for Today"
"Robert loves the design of his '66 Buick Riviera — but it's one of the most fuel-inefficient cars ever made. In the 1960s, it was sold as 'the car of the future.' Robert plans to perfect the Riv by updating it with a stunning, one-of-a-kind rebuild."

Downey's Dream Cars episode 4, "Electric Stingray"
"How do you improve upon a pristine all-original '65 Corvette? Well, if you're Robert Downey Jr., you convert it to an EV! Purists won't be happy, but Robert has something to prove, and he's taking his electric Vette to the drag strip to make his point."

Downey's Dream Cars episode 5, "Way Off Road"
"Robert has an all-original, low-mile '85 El Camino. But as he often says, "She's perfect, so I have to start over." He's out to turn it into a meaner and greener off-roading champ. When it's done, he takes his wife Susan on a hair-raising maiden voyage."

Downey's Dream Cars episode 6, "Long Strange Trip"
"Robert flexes his negotiating skills to buy a used car he's always wanted. Of course, the first thing he does is tear it apart and rebuilt it. It's a journey from the past into the future — a fitting end to his long strange trip into car restoration."

Robert Downey Jr. in Downey's Dream Cars

The Iron Man actor is going to be front and center of the docuseries as its host. He is also one of the executive producers on the show, along with his wife and producing partner Susan Downey.

In Max's press materials for the docuseries, Downey offers a quote that explains what inspired him to do this show:

"We are what we drive, and having amassed a formidable collection of classic cars over the years, I was a petrol spewing mess. And a hypocrite, as I'd founded the Footprint Coalition in 2019 to scale technologies that mitigate climate change. Fortunately, I'm a bit of a dreamer. The last three years have been an experiment in hope, as I engaged the best and brightest minds to evaluate, educate, elevate and decarbonize these vehicles in a way that demonstrates the limitless potential of creative problem solving. It was a huge challenge and an enlightening journey. It's also just fun to watch, and for that, I must credit my kids, my wife and boss Susan, Team Downey, Boat Rocker's Matador Content, and of course, Max and Warner Bros. Discovery. Thanks for supporting what, at times, seemed a blurry vision, but ultimately confirmed the myriad ways we can join hands and create a sustainable future."

Downey's Dream Cars trailer 

Pop the hood on what’s in store with Downey's Dream Cars by watching the trailer directly below: 

How to watch Downey's Dream Cars 

Downey's Dream Cars is going to stream exclusively on Max, meaning a subscription to the service is needed. There are options though, as you can sign up for either an ad-supported or ad-free plan, while users of third-party platforms like YouTube also offer Max as an add-on to its subscription. 

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