The Other One season 2 — air date, plot, cast interviews and everything we know

The Other One season 2 stars Callum, Cat and Cathy.
The Other One season 2 stars Callum, Cat and Cathy. (Image credit: BBC)

Having finally come to terms with the fact they’re sisters, chalk-and-cheese siblings Catherine ‘Cathy’ Walcott and Catherine ‘Cat’ Walcott must now get used to the idea they have a brother as comedy The Other One season 2 arrives. Here’s all you need to know…

The Other One season 2 release date

The Other One season 2 started airing on Friday, May 6 at 9 pm on BBC One. The final episode is set to air on Friday, June 3 at 9:30 pm on BBC One. 

All episodes were made available to stream as a box set on BBC iPlayer when the series returned.

The show is currently not available in the US, but we will update this page if that should change. 

The Other One: What’s the story?

Picking up the morning after the drunken end to the series before, Cat (Lauren Socha) has to jog Cathy’s (Ellie White) memory that they have a brother called Callum - and that Cathy kissed him!

While Cat can’t wait to welcome Callum to the family, Cathy struggles with the ethics of fancying a sibling… "Cat's over the moon to learn about Callum while Cathy’s battling with the fact she's snogged her own brother and has a crush on him," says Ellie. "The arrival of Callum creates a buffer between Cathy and Cat and allows for new friction between them."

Callum, Cat and Cathy in The Other One

Brotherly love: Cat's thrilled with the arrival of Callum - Cathy's not so sure... (Image credit: BBC)

The Other One: Tell us more about new boy Callum…

For Callum, finding out he has two sisters - and snogged one of them! - and that the man he thought was his dad isn’t his real dad, is a lot to get his head around…

"At first, Callum’s in shock, there’s a lot to deal with and he wants his space," reveals Bridgerton’s Christopher Jeffers, who plays him. "But Cat has other ideas, so Callum has no other choice but to delve straight into discovering what life’s like from being an only child to now having siblings."

Interestingly, the storyline mirrors events in Christopher's own life.

"Just a few years ago, I found out I had sisters, so I kind of had to navigate my relationship with a new dad and these new siblings," he says. "So I guess having recently been through a similar situation helped me play the character. I hadn't kissed one of my sisters, though!"

Christopher Jeffers as Callum in The Other One

In the family: Callum has a lot to get his head around. (Image credit: BBC)

The Other One: Who else is in it?

Alongside Ellie, Lauren and Chris, returning for this series is The Stranger’s Siobhan Finneran as Cat’s mum Marilyn, Doctor Thorne’s Rebecca Front as Cathy’s mum Tess alongside new arrival This Is Going to Hurt’s Michele Austin as Callum’s mum Angela. Caroline Quentin also returns later in the series as auntie Dawn.

The second season of The Other One begins with another new sibling.

Family ties: Michelle Austin (far left) joins the cast as Callum's mum Angela. (Image credit: BBC)

The Other One: Is Cathy still as neurotic as ever?

Yep, you bet, says Ellie. “Cathy’s a stereotypical middle-class, repressed girl who loves netball and who’s never been taught to be open about her feelings. Cathy had no idea what fun was until she met Cat. She’s really helped Cathy bring out that side of herself and we see Cathy enjoying life a bit more.”

The Other One: Is Cat still as wild?

Cathy frequently locks horns with her larger-than-life sister Cat, whose clothes are even louder than she is!

“Cat’s just a flamboyant, fun, happy character to play,” reveals Lauren. “She’s very out there with her dress sense, which makes the character even funnier, because she looks like a clown most of the time. Cat’s like the female version of CBeebies’ Mr Tumble!"

Ellie White and Lauren Socha star in The Other One

Chalk and cheese: Cathy and Cat couldn't be more different as sisters. (Image credit: BBC)

The Other One: Do opposites attract?

Lauren believes it’s because Cat and Cathy - and they themselves - are such different people that the show works.

“Me and Ellie are complete opposites as people,” says Lauren. “I’ve never met anyone like her and she’s never met anyone like me; if we were at the same school growing up we really wouldn't have knocked about together. But we have exactly the same sense of humor and that's what makes this such a brilliant show.”

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