Apprentice's Luisa confirms 'cool' sex party past

Luisa Zissman is notorious for her work ethic when it comes to business, but it looks like The Apprentice runner-up also plays hard as well.

Luisa finished runner-up to Leah Totton in last week's final and just a few days later she told The Sun about her involvement in sex parties at sex clubs which included footballers, actors and politicians.

"I moved to London and my life changed when I discovered sex parties," she told reporters. "A friend who was into threesomes with her partner told me about them and said I should sign up to a club called Killing Kittens.

"I remember going to this party and thinking, 'This is really f**king cool'. It's like a club full of like-minded people. No one's judging you. It's high class. It's not a seedy joint.

"Everyone is clothed and they're wearing masks. I wore a little eye mask and a black dress. But there's an atmosphere in there. It's edgy, it's electric, there's a level of expectation in the air. You can tell people are all thinking, 'Let's do something!' It gives you a rush."

"There are no single guys. It's all couples and single girls. Girls rule the roost. It's about girls being empowered and liberated sexually. What the girls say goes. The guys just help out.

"You get drunk, have a laugh, chat to someone you like. It's like having a one-night stand in a safe environment."

The businesswoman explained that she no longer takes part in such parties since setting up her cupcake company and has denied reports that she'll be appearing as Page 3 girl in The Sun.

"I wouldn't do porn either. I have friends who do it, but for me it would be a conflict of interest with my business career.

"I don't need the money and I don't think you can do porn for just kicks. It's a job. You have to do things you're not comfortable doing and that's not how I do things."


Sean Marland
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