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'Baptiste' Season 2 — Release date revealed, plot, cast, episode recaps, and all you need to know

Baptiste Season 2
Baptiste Season 2 stars Tchéky Karyo and Killing Eve's Fiona Shaw.

Baptiste Season 2 is now being shown on the BBC and we again follow the life and career of a retired police investigator, Julien Baptiste who finds himself at the heart of a new case. It takes viewers into Budapest’s secretive and corrupt underworld and is having us on the edge of our seats.

Here's everything you need to know about the new season...

Baptiste Season 2 release date

Baptise Season 2 began on Sunday 18 July at 9pm on BBC1. Episode 3 is being shown on BBC1 on Sunday 1 August at 9pm on BBC1. Like the first season, this one is made up of 6 one-hour-long episodes. If you miss episodes you can catch up on iPlayer.

You can also still watch Baptiste Season 1 on BBC iPlayer if you need a recap of what happened.

In the US, Baptiste Season 2 is excepted to be shown on PBS. But a US premiere date is still to be announced.

What happens in Baptiste Season 2?

When we spoke to Tchéky Karyo, he told us his dogged detective is more troubled than he has been before. He said: "In the present day, we see Julien down and yelling at the world with his pain. His family’s a wreck. People love this character because you can rely on him but now he’s losing his temper and drinking. It’s a special journey for him this time. There are a lot of amazing surprises..."

If that makes it sound like there's plenty more gritty drama to look forward to in the new series, the BBC synopsis for Baptiste Season 2 confirms it! It says: "Julien Baptiste is not the man we knew before. After enduring a horrific personal tragedy, Julien has pushed his wife Celia away and is looking for any distraction — whether that be the bottom of a bottle or a new case — to consume him.

Fiona Shaw in Baptiste

Fiona Shaw returns in Baptiste Season 2.

"When British Ambassador Emma Chambers' whole family disappears whilst on a skiing holiday in the Hungarian mountains, Baptiste immerses himself into Emma’s world, committed to finding her husband and two sons.

"However, when the case turns into something far more brutal and desperate, Julien must navigate a Hungarian police force he doesn’t trust and unrelenting media who are hungry for information on such a high-profile international case. Julien must remain rational in the face of chaos in order to find Emma’s family. Will he be able to solve his most complex case yet?

Who is in the cast for Baptiste Season 2?

Of course, Tchéky Karyo is reprising his role as Julien Baptiste, who first appeared in the drama The Missing between 2014-2016. Speaking about the new season, he said: “I am so excited and proud of Harry and Jack [Williams, the show's writers] for their new audacious story in Hungary. I can’t wait to prepare for Julien’s new adventure and for the emotions that he is about to go through.

"I’m looking forward to sharing this incredible journey with an amazing cast.”

Killing Eve's Fiona Shaw will also be joining this season, starring as British Ambassador Emma Chambers. Emma's world is turned upside down when her whole family goes missing, and Baptiste must help her find out what happened.

Speaking about her role, she said, "I’m honoured to be joining this hugely talented and committed team with the superb writing of Harry and Jack and under the direction of Thomas Napper. I’m so lucky to be working with all the best of the new generation!”

Karyo has really enjoyed working with Fiona Shaw, too! He said: "I was thrilled. Fiona’s fantastic, moving and a very strong personality, who I really enjoy acting with. It’s fun. We have a lot of ways of approaching things in common." 

What happens in episode one of Baptiste Season 2?

This new series opens with a woman rolling out of bed onto a wheelchair. She then meets a man in a car park who helps her into the car. The woman says to the man “Do you think that I’ve lost my mind?”

The timeline then flashes back to 14 months earlier and the same woman (who is not in a wheelchair) is holidaying in the Hungarian Mountains, with her avid bird watcher husband Richard, and their two teenage sons Alex and Will. Will has not spoken in two years and is constantly on his phone. It is then revealed that the woman is the British Ambassador, Emma Chambers.

As the scenes continue in the past, Emma discovers that her family has disappeared from the hotel they're staying at and there is international outrage. Baptiste travels to Hungary and turns up to the hotel to offer Emma his services to help find her family. After Emma thinks he's an interviewer, he explains, “No, I’m Julien Baptiste. I’m here to help you find your family. I find people, Mrs. Chambers. I’ve done this all my life. I do not require payment.” Confused, she questions why he would want to help her and he simply says, “Because I can.”

Later, when a body is found, along with a terrifying video recording, the situation takes a horrifying turn as they must work against the clock to crack this nail-biting case.

What happens in episode two?

This episode opens in the past in Paris, where Baptiste is shopping for a toy, along with his wife. They turn up at their daughter Sara’s apartment, with a soft toy elephant in tow, and knock. She does not answer and they hear a baby crying. Panicking, they open the door with a key and run inside. They find Sara on the floor, not moving as her baby cries in the cot. Baptiste cradles Sara in his arms. He hugs and cries into the toy elephant as he sits in the hospital. 

We are then brought back to the present day, where a wheelchair-bound Emma and a man have turned up at Baptiste’s home to show him the terrorist, Andras Juszt, who murdered her husband, captured and locked in a dog cage in the back of her car. 

The imprisoned terrorist declares that he can help find her son, Will, on one condition — that Baptiste is involved.

However, a tortured Baptiste refuses until Emma reminds him that he owes her.

The timeline then goes back to the past, 14 months earlier where the police have received a petrifying hostage video. Emma decides to take extreme action to try and save her family, no matter how dangerous it could be...

Is there a trailer?

Yes, one has finally landed! The dramatic trailer opens with a news report revealing that police in Hungary are searching for the family of British ambassador Emma Chambers. We then see Emma making an appeal, saying: “If anyone knows anything, help me find my family”. We then get a first look at our hero, who introduces himself to a cop like James Bond would! “Your name?” “Baptiste, Julien Baptiste”. 

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