'Bargain Hunt' team lose astonishing amount on terrible buy

Bargain Hunt BBC
Bargain Hunt red team Izzy and Sophie. (Image credit: BBC)

Bargain Hunt contestants always take a risk when they appear on the popular BBC1 show, but no one could have prepared the red team for a massive loss!

On Friday's episode, the red team was made up of friends and teachers Izzy and Sophie, who are also flatmates that have been living together for three years. They were up against the blue team Claire and Siobhan, two friends who work in retail. 

Each team gets £300 to spend, hoping they'll be able to make a profit once they take their items to auction. But you're never quite sure how much auction-goers are willing to spend, and there can be some shocking outcomes.

By the time they got to the auction, the red team had bought a top hat, which sold for £15 but it was their second item that suffered a shattering loss! The duo bought two joined oak side chairs for £180, but the auctioneer only estimated that they'd go for £80 - £120.

Unfortunately though, despite the fact the friends loved the purchase so much, the chairs failed to impress those at auction, and the price just kept going down and down until finally they were sold for just £10. This means it was a shocking £170 loss for one item alone!

Bargain Hunt

(Image credit: BBC)

Thankfully the red team had a sense of humour about it, with one asking "could we set a record for the biggest loss?". It certainly looks that way!

For their third and final item, they'd found an Edward VII silver cased bridge pencil and scissors which they bought for £5 and received an estimate of £20 - £30. This is where they finally made a profit of £35 after they were sold for £40 at auction. This left the team at minus £150 after a pretty disastrous afternoon!

Ultimately the blue team won this episode, with Claire and Siobhan only suffering a loss of £46. Sadly, it did mean that nobody was going home with any money though!

Bargain Hunt continues weekdays on BBC1.

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