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Could Belgravia be set to return for a second series?

Adam James and Alice Eve in Belgravia

Julian Fellowes reveals whether a second series of Belgravia is in the offing

The finale of ITV’s sumptuous period drama Belgravia airs this Sunday, but a second series might just be on its way.

Adapted by Lord Julian Fellowes from his own 2016 novel, the drama has followed the scandals and secrets of two very different families - the upper-crust Brockenhursts and the nouveau riche Trenchards - in the 1840s. But Julian has admitted he is in two minds about whether the show could return.

For me, this is a completed story,” he said. “Although the actors disagree with me, violently! So I'm not sure, we'll see if anyone wants more. But no decision has been made.”

Julian has revealed, however, that he already got potential ideas for how a second series could work.

“The interesting thing is whether we’d find a new story with new characters in Belgravia and that would become the central theme,” he told us. “Or it could be a different story with one or two characters from this series. I like that idea so you have continuity but an original cast every time.”

Jack Bardoe as Charles Pope in Belgravia

Jack Bardoe as Charles Pope in Belgravia

Sunday’s finale, meanwhile, brings more high drama as the Brockenhursts’ scheming nephew John Bellasis, played by Adam James, sets up a dastardly plan to bring down his rival Charles Pope (Jack Bardoe), who is a threat to his inheritance. Meanwhile John's lover Susan Trenchard (Alice Eve) has to cook up a scheme of her own...

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“It’s a tangled story. There are thriller elements and revelations,” said Julian. “I always write things so you can change sides as it progresses, so I hope you've got a bit of that. Characters you found unsympathetic are now more sympathetic. I like Susan. By the end she develops a self-saving mechanism. She gets herself out of a tricky situation by not losing her nerve.”

Belgravia concludes on Sunday at 9pm on ITV