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Beth Tweddle required bone graft to fuse fractured neck after The Jump accident

Beth Tweddle admitted the last 48 hours had been scary following her fall on Channel 4 alpine competition, The Jump, and subsequent surgery to fuse fractured vertebrae in her neck.

Olympic medal-winning British gymnast Beth was airlifted off the slopes in Austria on Saturday after she crashed into a barrier following a ski jump.

She had surgery on Sunday night and is being comforted by her parents, Ann and Jerry.

They said: "The early medical indications were positive as Beth was able to move her hands and feet, despite being in a lot of discomfort. The medical staff have been fantastic and explained to us that Beth was waiting for an operation as there were more serious cases ahead of her. At 20:00 GMT last night Beth was taken down for surgery where they took a piece of bone from her hip and used it to fuse the two vertebrae that were fractured, along with pinning them together. It was a scary time for all of us and we’re just very grateful that the operation was a success."

Beth said from hospital: "Thank you so much for your support and concern. The last 48 hours have been very scary but all the messages have really helped to keep me positive. I will keep you updated on my progress.”

Beth is the third person to leave The Jump due to injury, after Becky Adlington and Tina Hobley suffered nasty injuries.