Better fans are all making the same Line of Duty comparison

Leila Farzad as DI Lou Slack in Better..
DI Lou Slack would be no match for AC-12! (Image credit: BBC)

Better kicked off on BBC on Monday night, and it wasn't long before fans started comparing the drama to another beloved series: Line of Duty.

The new five-part thriller Better follows a corrupt policewoman named DI Lou Slack (Leila Farzad), who is a renowned and respected detective with a dark secret. Nearly 20 years ago, Lou got involved with the ruthless crime boss Col McHugh (Andrew Buchan), and the two have had a mutual agreement ever since.

In the first episode, it's clear to see how close Lou and Col are, as she even attends his birthday party at his lavish home, alongside his family and some associates. It's not your normal party of course, as Lou has to hand her phone to one of Col's people first, to be sure she's not recording anything.

While Lou drinks wine and socializes at Col's, unfortunately, tragedy strikes and her son Owen (Zak Ford-Williams) has taken seriously ill. However, Lou only finds out about this when she gets her phone back at the end of the visit, having seen numerous missed calls from her husband Ceri (Samuel Edward-Cook).

This family tragedy sees a slight shift in Lou, and it's clear she's reevaluating things, as her long-term partnership with Col could be interfering with her life. But now she's in as deep as this, will it be possible for her to escape?

The first episode seems to have gripped most viewers, but there's a clear comparison to be made, with everyone cracking the same "bent copper" joke in the direction of Lou, a now iconic phrase spoken by Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) in Line of Duty

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But will Better keep fans as gripped as Line of Duty did? We'll have to wait and see, but so far it's definitely off to an interesting start. We've now learned about Lou and her family, and how her arrangement with Col has helped both sides.

However, if Lou breaks away from this she could be in serious danger, and we've already seen one of Col's men go down after a post office robbery after Lou and other armed officers were sent to his home. Keeping up this double life can't be easy, as Lou is lying to her colleagues and trying to act as if she's an honest officer.

Better continues on Monday, February 20 at 9 pm on BBC One. Episodes are also available on BBC iPlayer.

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