10 Years Ago This Week in the soaps...

We take a walk down soap memory lane to see what was happening in Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks a decade ago this week…


Claire Peacock started showing worrying signs of behaviour when she left her and husband Ashley’s new baby in a cab in the park while she pondered her problems on a nearby bench. The usually amiable butcher Ashley was far from happy when he found out and raced to rescue his son Thomas (pictured above).

Elsewhere, Maria Sutherland tired of life as the ‘other woman’ while her sometime fella Charlie Stubbs made happy with his official girlfriend, Tracy Barlow. Enticing Charlie to her flat, Maria invited him in... then promptly called off their affair. Charlie, however, had other ideas and installed a security camera to keep tabs on Maria’s flat (pictured above). Creepy or what!



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Soap hunk Sean Slater (pictured above) arrived in Walford. But his reunion with estranged sister Stacey was far from a happy one. She feared she was pregnant and she had little interest in playing happy families because of his past behaviour. Sean, meanwhile, had a score to settle with an old army pal, Al, who he set about kidnapping (pictured below).

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Elsewhere, irksome Ian Beale showed his usual amount of class and charm when he pretended Dawn Swann was his wife at a plush awards bash. Unfortunately, Ian's real wife Jane also turned up and was far from happy with his lies… and by the fact he was propositioned by a colleague’s wife (pictured below)!

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(Image credit: Photographer: Neil Sherwood)


Slippery Sadie King and no-nonsense Chas Dingle (pictured above) came to blows outside The Woolpack when Chas revealed she knew Sadie was behind a JCB wrecking a house in the village. Even worse, the police then arrived to question Sadie about the damning allegations.

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Elsewhere, Bob Hope raced to a clinic to stop Viv Windsor from terminating her pregnancy. Daz Hopwood returned to the village and Jack and Diane Sugden said they wanted to adopt him.




Wannabe entertainment guru Darren Osborne came a cropper when he persuaded the McQueen sisters (pictured above) to perform at The Dog as an all-girl group. The gig was a total disaster and Darren was on the receiving end of some old-fashioned McQueen justice!


Elsewhere, pregnant Becca Dean was none too happy when she realised boyfriend Justin Burton had obtained kit for their nursery via some very dodgy means.