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Box Set Binge: Between, Indian Summers and American Gothic

Box Set Binge: Between
(Image credit: Netflix/Everett/REX/Shutterstock)

Stuck for something to watch this weekend? Sit back and enjoy streaming stand-outs Between (Netflix), Indian Summers (All 4) and American Gothic (Amazon Video)

Have a peek at these top shows available on streaming services Netflix, All 4 and Amazon Video...

Between (Neflix)

Welcome to Pretty Lake. Population 8,244 - and dropping.

From the award-winning producer of 24 comes Netflix original series Between. Catch the first two series of the sci-fi drama on the streaming service now...

The series is centred on the small Canadian town of Pretty Lake, where suddenly and inexplicably residents aged 22 and over start dying. A mysterious and fatal disease is feared to be spreading through the town, leaving youngsters terrified that their parents are set to become victims. Five days after the first case was reported, more than 300 people are dead (not one of them younger than 21).

As terror takes hold, Pretty Lake is placed under full quarantine and perimeter barbed-wire fences are set up around the town with the threat of military force against anyone attempting to leave or enter. An official Government message is transmitted in the town, proclaiming that experts around the world are seeking to establish the nature of the disease and find a vaccine. But is that the truth?

Cut off from the rest of the world, will the young residents band together or will the town tear itself apart?

Box Set Binge: Between

Dark times come to Pretty Lake in Between (Image credit: Netflix/Everett/REX/Shutterstock)


Indian Summers (All 4)

1932. India is ruled by a few thousand civil servants. Each summer, they escape the heat of the plains and run India from Simla in the foothills of the Himalayas. Charting the lives of a group of British socialites during those months in Simla, series 1 and 2 of C4's lavish drama are available now on the channel's streaming service All 4...

As the Indian Civil Service begins its annual move to Simla, the indomitable owner and manager of the exclusively white Royal Simla Club, Cynthia Coffin (Julie Walters), is orchestrating the rejuvenation of the club for the start of the summer season. Cynthia is the doyenne of the Simla social scene - she sees it all as the British socialites let loose in her club and can't resist involving herself in their personal business.

As the series progresses, the cool slopes of Simla become the setting for assassination attempts, political intrigue, scandalous affairs, and mysterious new arrivals...

Box Set Binge: Indian Summers

Julie Walters as Indian Summers' Cynthia (Image credit: Joss Barratt)


American Gothic (Amazon Video)

A rich and prominent Boston family is shattered by a disturbing discovery in US mystery drama American Gothic. Catch the series on Amazon Video now...

The wealthy Hawthorne clan is headed by concrete magnate Mitchell (Jamey Sheridan) and wife Madeline (Virginia Madsen). They have four children: ambitious political figure Alison (Juliet Rylance), teacher Tessa (Megan Ketch), recovering drug addict Cam (Justin Chatwin), and mysterious Garrett (Antony Starr) who left Boston 14 years ago in murky circumstances.

The series opens with a tunnel, made from Hawthorne concrete, suddenly collapsing. Found in the broken down concrete is a belt belonging to an apparent victim of the 'Silver Bells Killer', a serial murderer who brought terror to the streets of Boston more than a decade earlier, leaving a silver bell with the body of each victim.

Meanwhile, at a press launch to kick off Alison's mayoral campaign, Hawthorne patriarch Mitchell suffers a heart attack and collapses. Soon after, with their father in hospital, Cam and Tessa find an old box full of silver bells in a shed on the family estate.

There appears to be a Hawthorne family connection to the Silver Bells Killer - is one of them the notorious murderer? When Garrett suddenly returns, the family's secrets and lies look set to unravel...

Box Set Binge: American Gothic

American Gothic stars Antony Starr, Megan Ketch and Justin Chatwin (Image credit: AFF)