Bob Barrett on Holby City horror SMASH: 'Sacha is drowning in guilt!'

Bob Barrett plays Sacha Levy in Holby City
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Wow, what a cliffhanger in tonight's Holby City! We chatted to Bob Barrett - aka Sacha Levy - about the chaos that unfolded in the wake of Jodie’s return…

Holby City came to a dramatic conclusion on Wednesday night when show favourite Dominic Copeland ended up in an horrific car smash while out on the hunt for Sacha's mentally unstable ex Jodie.

The gripping episode kicked off with Sacha Levy's ex Jodie (Sian Reese-Williams) returning out of the blue and revealing she was pregnant with his child!

While Jodie wanted to play happy families, Sacha knew he needed to get her some help - but the minute she saw mental health nurse Lucky, Jodie fled the hospital.

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Panic: When Jodie claps eyes on mental health nurse Lucky, she fears she may be sectioned

That's when Sacha’s loyal friend and colleague Dominic Copeland (David Ames) offered to get in Sacha’s car and go looking for Jodie. But we know that, wherever Jodie is, chaos is never far behind. And that’s when tragedy struck…

As an erratic Jodie walked into the path of the car, Dom swerved to avoid hitting her and, instead, crashed into a nearby building site, becoming impaled on a pole that had gone through the windscreen.

As the action picks up from that point in next week's Holby, both Dom and Jodie are in a very bad way.

Dom has sustained serious injuries and Sacha is adamant that if his friend and colleague doesn’t undergo urgent surgery soon he could die! Convinced that he caused the drama, Sacha’s determined to be the one to save Dom…

Holby City Dominic Copeland David Ames

Fighting for life: Dom (David Ames) is in a critical condition after trying to help Sacha find Jodie...

"Sacha knows that if he hadn’t brought Jodie into everyone’s lives, this situation wouldn’t have happened, so he’s drowning in guilt about the whole thing," says Bob Barrett, who plays Sacha. "When the chips are down, Sacha is a do-er and normally he’s the perfect person to take charge because he’s quite level-headed.

"But here he feels an unbelievable responsibility, so we see him become quite manic and go into a real, pro-active mode to desperately try and save the day… and Dom’s life!"

However, when he hears that mentally ill Jodie is refusing treatment for her own injuries, Sacha’s worried about her and the fate of their unborn child, so rushes to her aid, leaving Henrik Hanssen in charge of Dom’s care.

As Sacha prepares to operate on Jodie, she pleads with him to save their baby - whatever happens - and he assures her he will. But can he keep his promise?

"Nothing ever seems to affect Sacha’s surgery, because that’s his comfort zone," says Bob. "So he copes brilliantly in theatre… it’s just the rest of his life he can’t cope with!"

Later, Dom’s in recovery from his operation. But he’s devastated to discover he’s been left with life-changing injuries…

"Sacha adores Dom and regards him like a surrogate son," says Bob. "Unfortunately, what happens puts a real strain on their relationship, going forward, and that’s heartbreaking for Sacha."

Holby City continues on BBC1.

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