Brave New World - start date, plot, cast and everything you need to know

Jessica Brown Findlay Brave New World
(Image credit: Sky)

Jessica Brown Findlay stars in a new adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s classic dystopian novel Brave New World on Sky One

When Aldous Huxley’s sci-fi novel Brave New World was published in 1932, it chilled readers with its vision of a dark future. Now the book is being brought to life in a new nine-part adaptation on Sky One.

Here’s everything we know about Brave New World…

When does Brave New World start on Sky One?

Brave New World begins on Friday 2 October at 9pm. All episodes are available on the same day on Sky Boy Sets and Now TV (see our TV Guide for more shows to enjoy).

What’s it about?

The series is set in the futuristic city of New London where sexual freedom is encouraged but family, privacy and monogamy are taboo, every citizen is graded into a particular class and moods are controlled by pills called soma.

A connection develops between lab worker Lenina Crowne and counsellor Bernard Marx as they both start to question whether they are really happy in New London. And when they take a holiday to the dangerous, poverty-stricken Savage Lands, where none of the same restrictions apply, their eyes are opened. But what impact will it have as they return home?

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Who’s in Brave New World?

Harry Lloyd Brave New World

Harry Lloyd as Bernard Marx in Brave New World (Image credit: Peacock)

Former Downton Abbey and Harlots star Jessica Brown Findlay plays Lelina, alongside Game of Thrones’ Harry Lloyd as Bernard. Meanwhile Solo: A Star War Story’s Alden Ehrenreich plays John, a troubled worker at the Savage Lands, who comes back to New London with them, with dark consequences. Demi Moore plays John’s unsettled mother Linda.

“New London is this world that is completely restrictive in design and apparently perfect. But when free will, love, jealousy and pain are thrown into the mix, how will they react?,” says Jessica. "When you first meet Lelina, she’s trying to keep up the pretence of happiness. But she’s conflicted between what she’s been taught and what she feels inside. When her wall starts to come down, she goes on such an amazing journey. She discovers what it really means to be human.”

Also look out for His Dark Materials’ Nina Sosanya as Mustafa Mond, the enigmatic controller of New London. Home Fires' Ed Stoppard is The Director who is in charge of Hatcheries and Conditioning there.

The Stranger’s Hannah John-Kamen is Bernard’s friend Wilhelmina. The Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan is CJack60, a low-ranking New Londoner who witnesses a horrifying event.

Is there a trailer for Brave New World?

Yes! It’s shows the seemingly idyllic New London and Bernard declares, “Everyone is happy here.” And then it contrasts with the rough and terrifying Savage Lands. As John arrives in New London he seems bewildered and asks, "If this place is so perfect, why is it upside down?” But as John learns more about life there, Mustafa ominously warns Bernard, “We need to stop this before it goes too far”…

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What else do we know?

Demi Moore Brave New World

Demi Moore as Linda in Brave New World

Demi Moore bonded with Harry’s dog Zoe!

“They fell in love!” he says. “Demi has about seven dogs in LA and couldn’t bring them over. So I used to come back to my trailer and Demi would have taken Zoe for a walk. I was worried I wouldn’t get her back. She’d probably have a better life but I’d never part with Zoe, not even for Demi Moore!”

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