Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon talks annoying acts and Golden Buzzers

Britain’s Got Talent David Alesha Simon Amanda
(Image credit: ITV / Thames / Syco)

We can’t wait!

Ahead of the return of Britain’s Got Talent, judge Alesha Dixon has revealed her pet hate when it comes to the audition rounds.

If you’re looking to impress singer Alesha, then we advise you to make your audition quick!

She told The Sun: ‘The one’s that don’t leave the stage [are irritating]. They come on, get their couple of minutes and then drag it out and want to do something else. They don’t take no for an answer.’

Alesha also revealed what kind of act made her press the Golden Buzzer, and it was someone who surprised even her…

‘I went for a singer,’ Alesha explained. ‘I don’t always want to go for a singer or a dancer because I sometimes think, “Wouldn’t it be cool to go for something unexpected?” But you can’t help where your heart is. The person I went for just has an insanely authentic voice and a really moving backstory.’

And, unsurprisingly, Alesha said David Walliams has been winding Simon Cowell up about winning Best Talent Show Judge at the National Television Awards this year.

Alesha added: ‘I would love Simon to win something next so he can get his own back!’