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Bullseye and The Bill to be rebooted by ITV and BBC?

The Bill and Bullseye could see their classic formats back on screen with two new ITV Studios projects that look to be inspired by them.

ITV has given the go-ahead for a new cop soap to be shown in The Bill's old time slot, after Coronation Street, according to The Sun, which is expected to screen once or twice a week from next year.

But the new show, in the early stages of production, will have a different name which hasn't been announced yet, won't be set in Sun Hill and this time will be made by ITV Studios rather than Fremantle.

The Bill screened for 27 years from 1984 to 2010, but was cancelled when its ratings dropped to 3.5 million.

ITV Studios is also working on a programme for rival broadcaster BBC which is believed to be very similar to retro gameshow Bullseye, which aired on ITV from 1981 to 1995.

Contestants on the as-yet-untitled show will compete against professional darts players, just like old programme Bullseye, which featured mascot Bully and extravagant prizes such as speedboats when it was on TV.

Bullseye was fronted by comedian Jim Bowen and was revived for a year on Challenge in 2006, hosted by Phoenix Nights star Dave Spikey.


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