Cal Knight returns from the dead — ‘Casualty’ star Richard Winsor reveals all

Cal Knight and Ethan Hardy reunited! Real life pals Richard Winsor and George Rainsford are all smiles.
Cal Knight and Ethan Hardy reunited! Real life pals Richard Winsor and George Rainsford on the set of Casualty. (Image credit: BBC)

Registrar Cal Knight is back on the wards of Holby ED this week, even though he was murdered by villain Scott Ellisson in 2017!

This week Cal returns in a dream with a dire warning for his younger brother, consultant Ethan Hardy, who is grieving the shock death of his fiance Fenisha Khatri. 

Richard Winsor, 39, who plays Cal, reveals he had a ball being back on the set of Casualty

Here he gives the inside story on his return...

Cal Knight has come back from the dead! What’s going on?

Richard Winsor: "He’s come back to hunt Ethan’s dreams! He’s there to help Ethan (George Rainsford) through a very difficult time, be his voice of reason, and make him see that life is still worth living - especially for Bodhi, his son. He was always Ethan’s rock in life, and he’s continuing that in death."

What was it like being back on set with George?

Richard: "I loved it. We just have so much fun, which was one of the main things I missed after leaving Casualty. It was like going back in time, it was great."

Was it easy to get back into character?

Richard: "As soon as I put the scrubs back on, I looked in the mirror and it just felt like I’d been on holiday. It’s like second nature playing Cal. 

"I know it’s a bit cliché to say, but it really feels like a family at Casualty. Seeing all the faces from the past and all the people on set, it just feels like a supportive family unit."

Cal Knight and Ethan Hardy battle to save a patient's life in Casualty's 35th anniversary flashback.

Cal Knight and Ethan Hardy battle to save a patient's life in Casualty's 35th anniversary flashback.  (Image credit: BBC)

Richard: "I think because it tells true stories. Especially over the past year and a half with what we’ve been through as a country. A show like Casualty can really reflect the lives of people and try and shine a light on certain issues, like Huntington’s disease for example, which has affected Ethan and Cal. These kinds of issues can really be brought to the fore and people can really relate to it. 

"It’s also a really great family drama that brings people together on a Saturday night. I always watched it with my family when we were younger."

What is your fondest memory of your time on Casualty?

Richard: "I think it has to be the National Television Awards. Going with a group of people you really love working with and receiving an accolade for something you all worked hard on was just lovely. 

"People came up to us and told us their experiences of how a storyline made an impact on them, and it made us realise how much Casualty is touching people’s lives. It felt very humbling."

And finally, what can viewers expect to see in the anniversary special?

Richard: "A lot of emotional heart wrenching drama! A little bit of cheekiness from Cal, and some really lovely brotherly bonding between Ethan and Cal."

Cal and Nibbles reunited? We can't wait! 

Full spoilers for Casualty's 35th anniversary episode here!

Casualty celebrates its 35th birthday with a special extended episode on Saturday 14 August at 8.45pm. Keep checking our Casualty page for more exclusive interviews.

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