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Call of Duty's The Haunting of Verdansk looks slick

The headless horseman gonna getcha.
The headless horseman gonna getcha. (Image credit: Activision)

I might be a casual gamer, but what I am not is a casual horror fan. The Call of Duty games have always been out of my normal scope of gaming (being more of a story-based kind of gal), but I'll be damned if The Haunting of Verdansk doesn't look like a fun ride. 

Take a look at their trailer.

Amidst all of Call of Duty's normal "shoot 'em up, bang bang" fare are zombies, monsters, and a whole host of other spookies. You might have noticed Billy from Saw and Leatherface ala The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ambling about in there as well. Those guys are downloadable skins that you get to play as (and keep after the map shifts back to its normal war-heavy self. 

This temporary map opens up the game to a new demographic that may not have been so keen on the saga before. It's no longer just a war game, it's now a war game with zombies that run just as quickly as you and some monsters that definitely are not your friend. 

The Haunting of Verdansk map kicks off on October 20th for both Warzone and Modern Warfare. If you want a "try before you buy" experience, Warzone is a free to download game with in-game purchases (such as Billy and Leatherface).

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