Holby City star Camilla Arfwedson: 'Guy Self crashes Zosia's wedding'

holby zosia guy wedding

Doctors Oliver and Zosia are finally set to tie the knot in next week's Holby City. But Zosia's wedding soon turns into a nightmare, says Camilla Arfwedson

Holby's Guy Self makes Zosia and Ollie's wedding day one to remember, for all the wrong reasons, as Camilla Arfwedson reveals…

After feeling forced to blow the whistle on her dad, neurosurgeon Guy Self (John Michie), for being drunk on duty, how is Zosia feeling as her wedding day comes around?

"Zosia cuts quite a lonely figure, pacing around this grand house. She's cancelled most of their wedding guests, partly because she thinks her dad's not going to be there. But then, out of the blue, he turns up!"

After a frosty start, Zosia and Guy manage to put aside their difference – but the happy reunion doesn't last long. Why's that?

"Guy tells Zosia that if she wants out of her relationship with Ollie to just say the word and they can leave immediately – so he's STILL trying to break Ollie and Zosia up."

holby zosia guy turns up wedding

How does Zosia react? "Initially, Zosia plays along but then she suddenly turns on Guy and says: 'Get the hell out, you have no place here'."

Is Zosia more determined than ever to get married? "Absolutely! With Guy now banished from the wedding, Dom steps in to give Zosia away, which is very sweet, and 'Zollie' finally get married. The newlyweds are all smiles – until they turn up to their wedding breakfast…"

Why? What's happened? "They find that Guy has upturned the entire dinner table, eaten half the wedding cake and is absolutely blind drunk. He's just gone off, got wasted and ruined the entire dinner."

holby guy ruins zosia wedding

We bet Zosia's fuming! "That's an understatement! As far as Zosia's concerned, that's it! She tells Guy he's like a cancer - and she wants to cut him out of her life for good!"

Will Zosia's words come back to haunt her? Find out in Holby City on Tuesday September 19 at 8pm on BBC1.

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