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Casualty Christmas episode - Jacey Salles teases David and Rosa's fake wedding chaos!

Casualty Rosa and David's wedding. But will they actually tie the knot?
Rosa and David's wedding. But will they actually tie the knot? (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Will Casualty’s star-crossed lovers make it up the aisle in time for Christmas?

In Casualty world working on your wedding day is as traditional as something old, new, borrowed and blue.

So naturally nurse David Hide is on shift just hours prior to his marriage-of-convenience to Rosa. She, however, feels guilty about her mother’s lies to get him up the aisle. In this week’s Casualty Rosa decides to confess that he’s being led into wedlock under false pretences. But will David (Jason Durr) and Rosa finally face up to their real and growing feelings for each other?

We caught up with Jacey Salles, who plays Rosa, for the inside scoop on this heart-warming Casualty Christmas story…

Do you find Rosa and David’s romance as endearing we do?

Jacey Salles: "Yes, because they’re both in a place of need. They’re quite damaged characters in a way. There’s David and his mental health issues and estrangement from his son, Ollie. And then there’s Rosa who has lost her own child and can see this family who should love the relationship they have and nurture it. There’s heart underneath it all. Hopefully everyone will want them all to be together."

This week the wedding is on/off/TBC. Why is Rosa’s mum Xiomara still intent on seeing Rosa and David tie the knot?

The wedding outcome is unknown. But the wedding party is on. Pictured: Rosa having fun at the pub with her Casuaty co-workers

Party on! Whatever the outcome Rosa celebrates with her Casualty colleagues at the Hope & Anchor... (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

JS: "Xiomara (Anna Savva) is orchestrating it from a good place, because she can see that they’re good together. Xiomara gets Ollie (Harry Collett) on her side - he doesn’t really know what’s going on either but he knows that he wants David and Rosa to be together – and they conspire together!"

Why does Rosa decide to tell David about Xiomara’s lies just before the ceremony?

JS: "Rosa’s conscience starts to speak to her and she realises she can’t lie any more! In this episode the question is – does David actually want to be with Rosa?"

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The day of the wedding is action-packed. What can you reveal?

JS: "When Rosa decides to come clean an emergency A&E event overtakes her and she doesn’t get to tell David the truth. Then Xiomara comes in and lets David know certain things… He’s furious that Rosa went along with the lies!"

What happens next?

JS: "Their fake wedding gets called off! Rosa assumes that David didn’t want to marry her. But was it fake? After everything has been cancelled Rosa and David have to decide - shall we do this or not? The whole Casualty cast are going backwards and forwards to the hospital chapel!"

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Whatever happens there’s going to be a party at the Hope & Anchor… How was that to film?

JS: "It was actually the best fake party I’ve ever been to - and I’ve done a lot of fake parties in my career! So many of the main cast of Casualty are there. Every time they called ‘action’ everybody was going for it 150% as the cameras panned round the cast dancing and doing their own thing. It was so much fun to film."

And you finally get out of Rosa’s porter uniform?

Suited and booted for a wedding, but will David Hide and Rosa Cadenas actually wed?

Suited and booted, but will David Hide and Rosa Cadenas actually wed? (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

JS: "Yes, I get all dolled up! It’s very Christmassy and fun. There’s also a tinge of sadness in this episode but it gives a Christmassy feel to events."

Do you enjoy Christmas?

JS: "I absolutely love Christmas! The minute the clocks go back I just want my Christmas tree up because it’s so dark, damp and miserable. I love the Christmas lights and tree and baubles. I buy and wrap all my presents early."

Tune in to the Christmas episode of Casualty on BBC1, 21 December 2019 at 9.20pm