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Casualty confirms when CANCELLED episode will be screened

Iain Dean loses his cool with an abusive father in Casualty
(Image credit: BBC)

Iain Dean takes centre stage in the episode, which will now be shown on Saturday...

Casualty fans were gutted last Saturday when the show was cancelled at the last minute due to the tennis – now the BBC has revealed when the episode will finally be shown.

The BBC has announced that the episode, which sees paramedic Iain Dean lash out, will be screened on Saturday evening at 8.25pm.

The show’s official Twitter page even posted a funny little video featuring Noel Garcia (played by Tony Marshall) and David Hide (Jason Durr) to explain the last minute schedule change.

In the video, Tony answers the phone to someone clearly telling him Casualty’s been moved. “Well, that’s terrible,” says Tony. “Really?! Okay! Okay! Yeah, I’ll let everyone know.”

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David, seeing Tony’s anguish after the distressing phone call, says: “You okay? What’s happened?”

Tony then explains that Casualty has been, well, a casualty! “Last Saturday’s episode was postponed!”

Noel Garcia (Tony Marshall) in Casualty

Casualty's Noel Garcia is shocked to learn that the show was cancelled at the last minute

David replies: “Really? How?”|

Tony, looking even more distressed: “Wimbledon.”

And David – doing a passable impression of John McEnroe – then says: “You cannot be serious!”

Watch the video to see what you make of David’s McEnroe impression!

It’s been a tough summer for soap fans so far with EastEnders and Holby City also being moved due to sporting action.

At least Casualty fans will finally be able to enjoy their favourite show again this Saturday as Iain sees his recovery from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD hugely tested.

Doctor Dylan Keogh is sorely tested when Ken (guest star Roy Hudd) is admitted to the ED

Doctor Dylan Keogh is sorely tested when Ken (guest star Roy Hudd) is admitted to the ED

It also features a guest star turn by Roy Hudd. He plays Ken, who’s brought in after suffering chest pains and collapsing.

Let’s just say Ken tests Dylan’s patience!