Casualty star George Rainsford teases Ethan's LIFE-CHANGING choice!

Casualty medic Ethan looking perplexed
Secrets R Us. Are Ethan, Fenisha and Will sleepwalking into heartbreak? (Image credit: BBC)

Doctor Ethan Hardy has a life-changing decision to make. Will he be forced to reveal his secret health concerns to Fenisha?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good old-fashioned love triangle in Holby-land. But we’re happy to report things are about to kick off in classic Casualty style in the coming months!

This week loved-up doctor Will Noble’s world comes crashing down when his paramedic girlfriend Fenisha Khatri drops not one, but two baby bombshells!

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Things have been going well for new couple Fenisha and Will. In fact this week they even begin planning a visit to Ireland so Fenisha can meet Will’s family. That all changes suddenly, however, when Fenisha (fantastic new Casualty edition Olivia D’Lima) makes a shocking discovery… she’s pregnant!

Happier times. Fenisha and Will are the picture of young love - but not for long

Happier daze. Fenisha and Will are the picture of young love - but not for long... (Image credit: BBC)

What Will (Jack Nolan) doesn’t know is that his best friend Doctor Ethan Hardy had a one-night stand with Fenisha when she was single. But Will’s not in the dark for nefarious reasons, once Ethan realised Will’s new girlfriend was Fenisha he decided not to ruin their happiness…

“Ethan and Fenisha aren’t really matched, it was just a one-night stand,” explains George Rainsford, who plays doctor Ethan Hardy.

“When Fenisha started working in the hospital shortly afterwards, at first Ethan pursued her, but Fenisha quite rightly put him in his place!”

George adds: “Once Ethan saw how happy Will and Fenisha were together he decide not to bother telling Will in case it rocked the boat.”

But somehow we think (hope!) Will don’t see it that way.

In this Saturday’s episode showing on BBC1 at 7.25pm Fenisha breaks the news to Will after taking numerous pregnancy tests. It’s a shock for the young couple, who don’t quite know how to act or what to think!

Fenisha has some news for Will... she's expecting another man's baby

Fenisha does the maths and comes up with... Ethan! (Image credit: BBC)

Will has a number of emotional reactions, but when Fenisha reveals the dates mean he’s not the father, for once Will is lost for words! Meanwhile, Ethan has no idea Fenisha is pregnant or that her relationship with Will is on the rocks…

The big question now is: Could Ethan, who has hereditary condition, Huntington’s disease, be the father of Fenisha’s unborn baby?

“There are lots of people not telling everyone everything, and a lot of half-truths,” reveals George, 37.

“Ethan has no idea that Fenisha’s pregnant. If it works out Ethan’s the father, he will have to tell her he’s got Huntington’s disease…

“It’s complicated!”

It sure is. But that’s how we like things in Holby ED…

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1 at 7.25pm on Saturday April 2020.

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