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Casualty spoilers: Ethan and Charlie betrayed?

Will eyes up new paramedic Fenisha
Glad eye! Will eyes up new paramedic Fenisha (Image credit: BBC)

Will and Ethan fall for new paramedic Fenisha. Jacob takes action. Is Charlie’s career over? Please note this episode has moved forward in the schedules - it was originally billed for the 21st March.

Love, lust and betrayal are in the air in Casualty this week…

Warning: Contains spoilers about Casualty favourites Ethan, Will, Jacob, Charlie, and new paramedic Fenisha.

Will to betray Ethan?

Ethan is smitten when he sees Fenisha again

Ethan is is delighted to bump into Fenisha. Is the feeling mutual? (Image credit: BBC)

Remember last month when Ethan had a steamy date with mystery-lady Fenisha? This week she returns to Holby ED, but this time in a paramedic’s uniform. No, it’s not fancy dress. Fenisha is joining the Holby paramedic team!

Ethan’s delighted to see her, even though she’s not called him once since their one-night-stand. Fenisha, however, finds herself enamoured by Will….

Before any of that happens, however, Ethan turns to best pal Will for sympathy and advice. Will (Jack Nolan) tells Ethan straight out that his date’s silence means it’s time to move on, and promises to cheer him up with a lad’s night out.

So far so good… but as Will works alongside new paramedic Fenisha later in the shift, sparks fly. The smooth-talking doctor even manages to get her number, not realising she’s the same person buddy Ethan is pining over. Separately, Ethan awkwardly bumps into Fenisha on the wards and its clear he’s still carrying a torch for her!

Fenisha’s first day

Fenisha smiling and looking at Will

Olivia D'Lima as new paramedic Fenisha (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, after a slow start, Fenisha’s first day as a Holby paramedic escalates dramatically. When Peter Hawkins (The Bill’s Ciaran Griffiths), a patient Will earlier discharged, is later involved in a car accident. Fenisha risks her life saving his sister and carer Sonya (Rellik’s Faye Castelow).

Back at the ED rookie paramedic Fenisha berates Will for not sending Peter for a psychiatric assessment when she first admitted him with a stab wound.

Fenisha remains critical of Will’s cavalier attitude towards patients, but as they work more closely together to help Peter and Sonya, the medics’ attraction grows. As their flirting escalates, it seems inevitable that a date is on the cards.

Is it only a matter of time until Will dumps Ethan for a night out with Fenisha? And how will Ethan react when he discovers Will has Fenisha in his sights?

Jacob to betray Charlie?

Worried Jacob's loyalties are tested

Jacob's loyalties are tested. Will he take action? (Image credit: BBC)

Shocking events kick off this week when junior nurse Marty plays Jacob and Charlie against each other so he can get some time off work.

Realising what Marty is up to, Jacob talks to Charlie and quickly assesses that the grieving senior nurse is barely holding it together.

Jacob does his best to paper over the cracks, but when Charlie fails in his duties to both Jade and a patient, he contemplates taking unpalatable action against Charlie...

Also in Casualty this week…

Connie with Rash

Project Rash! Will Connie help Rash assert himself? (Image credit: BBC)

Rash is asked to step in for newly departed Archie at a conference being hosted at the hospital. It quickly becomes clear that public speaking isn’t his thing, and Rash feels out of his depth! It doesn’t help that he’s constantly undermined by a hospital senior figure…

Later while treating poorly Daisy (Sarah Belcher) Rash is constantly belittled by her controlling GP husband George (Blake 7’s Steven Pacey). When George demands to speak to Connie, will Rash stand his ground or crumble under pressure?

Lev and Robyn are bemused by Will and Fenisha’s flirtathon.

A frank chat with Faith has Jacob reaching for the phone. But who’s he gonna call?

And Archie may have gone, but she’s not forgotten. That said, has Connie found a new junior medic to take under her wing?

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1 at 9.15.