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Casualty fans to get SURPRISE episode this Saturday for this reason

(Image credit: BBC)

Casualty lovers have something to smile about...

Casualty fans will now get an episode of their favourite show this Saturday following the postponement of the rugby match between France and Ireland.

Originally, there wasn’t going to be an episode of the BBC1 favourite this weekend because the Beeb was instead showing the Six Nations clash.

Ethan looking perplexed and distracted at work

Ethan could be in for a tough time in Saturday's episode (Image credit: BBC)

But, the game has been postponed because of concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and the BBC has now taken the decision to screen Casualty this Saturday. This means Saturday's schedule now has a new look.

BBC1’s new Saturday 14th March line-up looks like this…

5.30pm Celebrity Mastermind 6.05pm Pointless Celebrities 6.55pm Catchpoint 7.30pm Guardians of the Galaxy 9.15pm Casualty 10.05pm BBC News

And here’s what viewers can expect in Saturday’s Casualty - contains spoilers!

Saturday’s Casualty will see Ethan get a surprise when Fenisha - who he recently went on a steamy date with - arrives to join the Holby paramedic team.

Fenisha smiling and looking at Will

Olivia D'Lima as new paramedic Fenisha (Image credit: BBC)

Ethan’s over the moon to see her again, but how will she feel about running into him again? After all she’s not called him since their one-night-stand! Things get seriously complicated when Fenisha and Will start making eyes at each other. Poor Ethan! It looks like Fenisha isn't interested.

Meanwhile, junior Nurse Marty plays Jacob and Charlie against each other so he can get some time off work. Plus Connie has to decide if she’ll help Rash assert himself.

Worried Jacob's loyalties are tested

Jacob's loyalties are tested. Will he take action? (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty isn't the first show to have been moved about in the schedules due to the coronavirus. And with sporting fixtures under threat, it's likely that there will be more changes as broadcasters have to fill holes in their schedule caused by postponments.

Casualty airs this Saturday at 9.15pm.