Casualty spoilers: Will Charlie QUIT nursing to take care of Duffy?

Charlie in Casualty looks on concerned as Duffy spots their deceased cat
(Image credit: BBC)

In Casualty Charlie’s shocked by Duffy’s deterioration, and Rosa makes a decision about her future with David Hide

Warning: Contains spoilers about David Hide, Rosa Cadenas, Duffy and Charlie Fairhead and many more Casualty favourites!

Chuffy’s dementia care dilemma

Confused Duffy is admitted to ED by Charlie while Dylan looks on concerned

When Charlie admits a confused Duffy, Dr Dylan Keogh asks Archie to treat them immediately (Image credit: BBC)

Charlie’s concerned when Duffy sees their deceased cat in the garden in this week’s Casualty. At first he attempts not to seem too alarmed, but when Duffy displays all the signs of running an infection, Charlie admits her to the ED for tests…

Later, Archie’s diagnosis reveals the couple aren’t coping as well as he thought. Faced with unavoidable facts, Charlie and Duffy have a heart-to-heart about her advancing dementia, and come to a decision about their future…

Will Charlie quit his nursing career to take care of Duffy?

Mother of lies!

Rosa confronts her mum about her lies to David

Love and lies! Rosa is worried her mum is gravely ill... (Image credit: BBC)

A spontaneous proposal is always a shock. But when you’re in a fake relationship, that unexpected proposal is even more surprising!

When nurse David Hide asked for hospital porter Rosa Cadenas’ hand in marriage last week, they both knew it was a sham. David’s pretending to be Rosa’s boyfriend while her pushy mum Xiomara Steadman (The Durrells star Anna Savvas) visits from Venezuela.

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Rosa (Jacey Salles) and David (Jason Durr) may think they’ve Xiomara fooled, but in reality she’s pulling the strings! Not only did Xiomara provide David with the engagement ring, she also manipulated him into thinking she was unwell, so time is of the essence…

This week, determined to see David and Rosa seal the deal, Xiomara excitedly makes wedding plans for the pretend couple. Meanwhile they desperately try to hide their engagement from everyone in the ED. But it’s not long before tongues are wagging, thanks to Xiomara!

There’s a spanner in the wedding works however, when Rosa discovers her mother lied to David about her health.

Will Rosa come clean and call the whole thing off?

Also in Casualty this week

Rash and Mason debate a patient's case while nurse Jade looks on

Rash and Mason take very different approaches to treating a boxer with a mystery illness (Image credit: BBC)

It’s the ultimate clash of the junior doctors. While treating unwell boxer Ambika (Natacha Karam) Rash is determined to follow the rules, while Mason doesn’t think twice about breaking them!

There are consequences to both approaches, but which one will win the approval of senior doctors Ethan and Dylan?

Elsewhere, Jacob is concerned about fostered teenager CJ (Pierre Atri). Knowing what it’s like to get lost in the system, Jacob (Charles Venn) goes the extra mile to help the troubled youngster.

But with CJ’s social worker Debbie (The Office star Emma Manton) swamped with paperwork and hiding some serious issues of her own, is Jacob powerless to help?

And finally, Dylan is shocked – almost into silence, but not quite – when he finally discovers David’s secret. May we suggest dour doctor Keogh as fake best man?

This episode of Casualty airs on Saturday 30th November at 9.10pm

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