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Casualty star Michael Stevenson leaves Iain Dean role with 'huge sadness'

Michael Stevenson as Iain Dean in Casualty
Michael Stevenson as Iain Dean. Can Iain start looking towards the future? (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

However, it seems Michael will be back as Iain one day...

Casualty actor Michael Stevenson has revealed that he’s taking a break from his role as popular paramedic Iain Dean.

The 36-year-old star, who spoke to us recently, has been involved in a huge storyline as Iain, who’s been recovering physically and mentally since a near-fatal overdose led to him needing major surgery.

Speaking about his decision, Iain said: “With huge sadness but immense pride, I have decided to take a break from this amazing show. Playing the role of Iain Dean has been a pure pleasure over the past six years and I have nothing but fine and fond memories. I have laughed every day and wish to thank everyone involved at Casualty for making my time here unforgettable.

“Thank you to the fans of the show for being so supportive of Iain throughout his mental illness storyline. The response from the public has been astonishing and I am incredibly proud of the work and what it has done for people’s perception and awareness of needing to talk. Iain’s journey will continue.”

Michael Stevenson as paramedic Iain Dean

Michael Stevenson has played paramedic Iain Dean since 2012

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Series producer Lucy Rafferty said in a chat with TV Times that Michael was “exhausted” after tackling the tough storyline.

“Poor Michael’s exhausted. He’s put his heart and soul into Iain’s mental-health story over the last few months. In a way, it’s good for us because we get to refresh the paramedic team.

“There will be a new paramedic joining the team soon, but we haven’t cast him yet!”

Simon Harper, Executive Producer, Casualty and Holby City added: “After his magnificent work carrying the lion’s share of a powerful story in this series of Casualty, Michael  is taking a well- deserved break from his paramedic duties  -  I couldn’t be prouder of his stunning work on Casualty and the door is wide open for his return!”

The good news for fans is that although Michael has finished filming now, Iain will be seen on screen for a while longer.