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Catherine Tate's Nan has new BBC1 show in 2014

Catherine Tate's foul-mouthed grandmother Joannie Taylor is on her way back to BBC1 in new show Nan.

One of Catherine Tate's most popular creations, Nan could be all sweet and lovely one moment only to turn into a swearing monster the next when something or someone annoys her.

In the new show Nan, made by Tiger Aspect, she's worse than ever, now her grandson Jamie (who was played by Mathew Horne) is away in Africa doing voluntary work. It means Nan is now being looked after by a young volunteer Alice, allocated by the 'Young and Old Buddy-Up Foundation'. Predictably Alice has much more on her hands than she bargained for as Nan starts plying up

As Doctor Who's former companion Donna Noble, Catherine Tate has been busy with variuos Doctor Who 50th anniversary events over the past few weks. Nan was last seen in a Children In Need sketch as Holby City's 'worst ever patient.' Her new show Nan will be shown in early 2014.