Celebrity Snoop Dogs on C4 - Start date, premise and everything you need to know

Celebrity Snoop Dogs

These dogs are living it large!

Celebrity Snoop Dogs is a new C4 series all about some very lucky pooches.

Here's everything you need to know...

What is Celebrity Snoop Dogs about?

In this new series, mystery celebrities allow cameras into their homes to meet their dogs and get a glimpse into their lives.

And to make things even more up-close and personal, the cameras are strapped to the animals.

Viewers will be encouraged to follow the clues and identify who the dog, and lavish home, belongs to.

Think of it as a fun mix between an animal programme and a property show. What more could you want?

The first episode follows a Lhasa apso in his open-plan home, and a Labrador mix, who lives in the countryside.

Jamie Wightman, director of Factual TV, told The Guardian, “You would expect a presenter to take you round a property and look as if they are really absorbing the things that they are looking at.

“I was hoping we could mimic that with the dog, because we have these remote camera positions where you can see the dog walking around or looking out of the window. Watching the footage you think: what a clever little doggy, look at you taking us around this house!”

Celebrity Snoop Dogs

In this series, the dogs take on the role of camera crew for a truly in-depth look!

Was it difficult working with the dogs?

Despite "a lot of technical challenges" due to lockdown, it seems the dogs were mostly well-behaved.

Jamie said, "So far, they’ve all been very well-behaved. Food has disappeared from tabletops, shopping bags have been upended and clothes have been thrown around, but there have been no terrible messes.”

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Whilst the identities of the dogs have largely been kept a mystery, Jamie has revealed some might be easier to guess than others.

He teased, "Some of our dogs have done lots of photoshoots, so I suspect that the owners could be deciphered through the pet, if people are familiar.”

So eagle-eyed fans might not even need to clues to decipher the celebrity owner, if they recognise the dog from any photoshoots!

Is there a trailer for Celebrity Snoop Dogs?

Yes. There's a 28 second teaser for the first series.

In it, we get a quick glimpse at some of the homes we'll get a tour of. We're definitely not jealous!


When can we watch the first series?

Celebrity Snoop Dogs airs 8.30pm, Friday 26th June on C4.

Subsequent episodes will follow in the coming weeks.

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