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Coronation Street actor Ben Price: Nick Tilsley has a big secret!

Nick Tilsley in Coronation Street

A lot has happened since Nick was last seen in Weatherfield…

Nick Tilsley is back in Coronation Street - and while fans across the country were thrilled to have him back on their screens, the same can’t be said for his on-screen family.

After Nick’s surprise appearance at Leanne’s hospital bedside left Toyah stunned, it won’t take long for news of his return to reach the cobbles. But while Gail will be pleased to see her elusive son, David’s fuming that he wasn’t around when he needed him the most and refuses to welcome him back with open arms.

We recently caught up with Ben Price to find out what Nick’s been up to since he left Weatherfield back in May last year…

“He’s had a whole other life since he has been away,” reveals the actor. “He comes back really confused and with a big secret. He didn’t expect to be coming back to Weatherfield, so there’s a lot of turmoil and will come back changed.”

But while Ben remained tight-lipped about exactly what Nick’s hiding when he makes this dramatic return, it’s clear that it’s his feelings for Leanne that have bought him back to the street…

“His head is telling him to run away, but his heart is telling him to stay. Weatherfield’s the only place that has this huge pull for him, but it’s hard for him to come back to something so broken.

“He went straight to the hospital when he found out that Leanne was hurt. She is like a beacon for him. Despite everything that has happened, he was always going to be there for her.”

But despite Nick’s feelings for Leanne still being at the forefront of his mind, is the feeling mutual? “She has a mixture of feelings when she sees him,” laughs Ben. “She’s angry like anyone would be, but I can’t tell you if she’s going to let him off the hook or not. All I can say is she will make it very difficult for him!

 “It would be great to see Nick and Leanne live happy ever after, but there is drama in it not working, and the writers like drama!”