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Coronation Street fans delight at 'classic' scenes showing Audrey flirting before tragedy strikes

Coronation Street Audrey is insulted when she realises Shona asked Rita to come.
Audrey found herself in danger in last night's Coronation Street. (Image credit: ITV)

It's been a turbulent time for Audrey in Coronation Street, who last night experienced a brutal fall at the end of the episode. 

At the beginning of last night's Coronation Street, Audrey was enjoying a tipple in the Rover Return, when she ran into Rita, who suggested that Audrey went back to work in the barber's, rather than propping up the bar.

Audrey then humiliated a shell-shocked David, by marching into the barber's and flirting with Ryan who was in for a trim, despite being old enough to be his grandma. 

Corrie fans loved seeing this 'classic' scene with Audrey. "#Corrie Last night's episode was funny. Tim with the donkey sanctuary woman, drunk Audrey flirting with Ryan, classic Corrie!!!@ wrote one enthusiastic fan.

While another commented, "I wanna see the scene where Ryan, who had left the barbers, was persuaded to return for drunken foosball by Audrey. #Corrie."

Other Corrie fans weren't as complimentary about Audrey, with another writing, "Anyone else getting really sick of Audrey #Corrie."

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Many fans also expressed their concern over Audrey's drinking habits. 

"Audrey: 'Are you calling me an alcoholic David?' - Audrey love - we're all calling you an alcoholic! #Corrie."

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But while fans have mixed reactions to Audrey's storyline, there's one thing they can all agree on; actress Sue Nicholls is doing a fantastic job portraying it...

"A very sweet and naturalistic "conversational" scene between #Audrey and #Gail, and a lovely demonstration of just how much the show *should* value Sue Nicholls and Helen Worth. Superb actresses, who deserve good material. #Corrie," wrote one fan.

While another said, "Poor Audrey. Sue Nicholls is playing this so well, as you'd expect. #Corrie."

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After proceeding to fire the majority of her staff in a drunken rage, Audrey was then left alone in the salon before becoming trapped in the barber's shop under an ornamental motorbike. 

Audrey Roberts has a fall in Coronation Street

Audrey was in a bad way after her fall in Coronation Street.  (Image credit: ITV )

We'll have to wait until the next episode to know the severity of Audrey's injuries, but one thing is for sure — she's currently burnt some bridges in Weatherfield, and only time will tell if she can rebuild them.

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