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'Coronation Street' fans hail THIS character as HERO of the week

Coronation Street spoilers, Abi Franklin, Corey Brent
A hero came along to save Abi and Corey in last night's episodes of Coronation Street! (Image credit: ITV)

There was a whole LOT going on in Wednesday night's double helping of Coronation Street on ITV.

But amidst all the drama of which characters would fall into the dreaded sinkhole next, a hero came along... Yes, just like the smash-hit Mariah Carey song!

After last night's (Wednesday) double helping of the ITV soap, viewers took to Twitter to praise the actions of Roy Cropper (played by David Neilson).

Cafe owner Roy feared the worst when he realised grieving mum Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) was on the loose with a gun, ready to confront Corey Brent (Maximus Evans), who was responsible for the death of Abi's son Seb six months ago.

After the dreaded sinkhole struck again, Abi and Corey found themselves trapped underground in a Victorian sewer, with water rising around them.

Coronation Street spoilers, Roy Cropper

Roy came to the rescue on 'Coronation Street'. (Image credit: ITV)

Armed with a gun, Abi came close to pulling the trigger and shooting killer Corey. 

Viewers have wanted to see justice served, ever since Corey was found not guilty of causing Seb's death and walked free from court. 

But just as Abi was about to become a killer herself, Roy appeared above ground. He had some very wise words for the grieving mum and appealed to Abi to do the right thing and NOT shoot Corey!

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Viewers praised the moving performance by Coronation Street star David Neilson, who has previously been at the centre of heartbreaking storylines including the death of Roy's beloved wife Hayley in 2014.

Another viewer said the character of Roy reminds him of his late granddad and wrote a touching tribute on Twitter:

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But the question remains, WHAT will happen next now that Corey has confessed to Abi that he WAS responsible for Seb's death?

And how far will Roy go to protect Abi when the police start asking awkward questions?

The BIG storm and stunt week concludes tomorrow night.

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 7:30pm on ITV.