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Coronation Street fans over the moon at new relationship for Glenda

Jodie Prenger as Glenda in Coronation Street
Glenda is part of a hit new duo (Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans welcomed Glenda Shuttleworth to Corrie with open arms last week.

George's sister – played by Jodie Prenger – proved an instant hit when she arrived in Weatherfield, fresh from a cruise ship.

Coronation Street Glenda Mary Eileen George Todd

Glenda and Mary are taking over no.11 (Image credit: ITV)

And in Wednesday's episode, Glenda teamed up with Street favourite Mary trying to help Sean get a date with sexy dentist Laurence – the man he met at a wake last week when he was helping Glenda.

The pair had to join forces to harangue Sean to attend the date, after he got cold feet.

Poor Eileen wasn't impressed with Glenda and Mary's antics. She's currently feeling she is being pushed out by Glenda, who has been getting on like a house on fire with everyone at no.11.

Coronation Street Sean Laurence

Sean has a great date thanks to dynamic duo Mary and Glenda (Image credit: ITV)

But Corrie viewers can't get enough of this frothy new double act.

Fans were left in hysterics when a text from Sean, letting them know the date was going well, left the Glenda and Mary screaming with delight, cuddling and jumping up and down in the living room.

The sheer joy of the pairing saw social media explode with posts just loving them.

"I think Glenda and Mary might be my new favourite soap pairing," was typical of the comments.

Coronation Street Mary and Glenda

Mary and Glenda were dancing with delight – and so were viewers (Image credit: ITV)

Many demanded more of the duo in future episodes. "They should team up more often," insisted one. 

While another wanted Mary and Glenda to be "BFFs" (best friends forever).

One joked they might have to sue ITV after their enjoyment had got too much. "The sheer campery of Glenda, Mary and Sean in scenes together has caused my television to explode in a ball of rainbows and glitter," they said. "I’m sending ITV the bill."

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With Jodie Prenger having signed a long-term contract with Corrie, there's plenty of time for viewers to get their wish as Glenda's story unfolds.

And with the high drama the show packs in most weeks, more Glenda and Mary magic would certainly be a welcome tonic.

Coronation Street screens Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8.00pm on ITV.

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