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Coronation Street fans shocked by this moment in heartbreaking Sinead cancer scenes

coronation street Sinead Tinker

Coronation Street viewers have voiced their anger after spotting a shocking moment during Sinead Tinker’s heartbreaking cancer diagnosis.

The pregnant factory worker was told in last night’s show that she has grade three cervical cancer and her doctor also advised her to have a termination.

This news left Sinead devastated and she fled the room before running down the hospital corridor in tears.

However, many fans were upset that nurses walking past failed to comfort her despite her distressed state.

“Oi, those people just walking straight past Sinead crying. Go help her,” one viewer tweeted, whilst another wrote: “Surely one of those nurses would've comforted her?!”

And one added: “You'd have thought that one of those passing nurses would ask a distraught Sinead what's wrong!”

Meanwhile one posted: “No nurses I know would just walk past a sobbing girl in a hospital corridor!”

Sinead, played by Katie McGlynn, bumped into father-in-law Ken Barlow after receiving the heartbreaking news and she later confessed all to him.

Ken encouraged her to tell husband Daniel of her diagnosis but Sinead revealed that she wants to keep it a secret as she tries to make a decision about the pregnancy.

Sinead begged the doctor to find another solution after being recommended a termination and sobbed: “I can't, it's my little baby. It's the size of a little plum.”

Viewers praised actress Katie for her moving performance following the upsetting scenes.

One tweeted: “So heartbreaking to watch but she’s taking a fantastic part in this story line”

“A very moving performance from @KatiexMcGlynn and well produced episode from @itvcorrie just wanted to reach out and hug her,well done corrie," another said.

Meanwhile Katie posted: “Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments, it means a lot. Yes it’s a soap but it is real life for a lot of women & families. My heart goes out to all of you”