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Coronation Street fans stunned as they discover Jade’s SERIAL KILLER secret

Coronation Street spoilers: Fiz Stape knows there’s no smoke without fire...

Although some viewers reckon they guessed tonight's huge plot twist

Coronation Street fans were stunned tonight when it was revealed that Jade Rowan is serial killer John Stape’s daughter as she was seen tearfully laying flowers at his grave.

"I love you dad," she said to the gravestone in the final moments of the episode.

It explains why Jade has been acting so weirdly towards Fiz - the woman who was married to her father and the woman she clearly believes in her twisted view of the world is in someway responsible for the murderer’s death.

John Stape and Fiz in Coronation Street 2009

Fiz made the mistake of marrying John Stape, who became a Coronation Street serial killer. Now, his daughter Jade is on the scene and prepared to make her life hell

Fans had been guessing that Jade might be related to John Stape, who made a habit of killing and also kidnapping Rosie Webster (!), and tonight it was at last revealed that she is his daughter.

Some viewers declared that they'd guessed Jade might be John's daughter, while others were clearly stunned by the news of the big twist.

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Jade moved in with Fiz and Tyrone earlier this year to help out with Hope, but it’s been clear for a while that she wasn’t doing this out of love for Fiz. She clearly has a massive issue with Fiz and now we know why.

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Tonight, she was seen painting bruises on Hope as she stepped up her revenge plan on Fiz. She appears to be trying to get Hope taken away from her mum.

Fiz found matches in a doll - now we know the truth about Jade, it seems obvious that Jade planted them and also started the fire. Jade appears to be trying to drive Fiz out of her mind with worry over Hope and she clearly is succeeding as Fiz smashed up Hope’s tablet over the matches.

What will Jade's next move be? And when will Fiz discover the horrible truth about her beloved nanny?

Coronation Street continues on ITV.