Coronation Street star Tina O’ Brien reveals the WORST present she has ever received!

Tina O' Brien
Tina O' Brien's Coronation Street character got an oven for her birthday. (Image credit: Getty)

Coronation Street’s Adam Barlow did himself no favours last month when he presented wife Sarah with her birthday present — a smart oven. 

Not even the fact that it had five burners, an easy clean feature and an HD camera fitted inside was enough to cheer up stroppy Sarah, who was clearly hoping for something a little more exciting than a kitchen appliance.

Coronation Street Adam Barlow

Surprise! Adam (Samuel Robertson) recently 'treated' wife Sarah to a smart oven. (Image credit: ITV)

Now, in the wake of oven-gate, actress Tina O’ Brien, who plays the Weatherfield mum, has opened up about the gift that made her almost as grumpy as her famous Corrie character.

“I once received a tea-making machine,” reveals the 38-year-old star.

“It’s going to make it more obvious who it was from, but it was the same machine we had at work.

“They said, ‘Look, you can put the pod in and have the same cup of tea that you have at work at home.’ 

“I was like, ‘Oh, no…’” 

The mystery giver of said machine was clearly familiar with the ins and outs of Coronation Street’s backstage area, hinting that someone from the cast may have bought it. Could it have been Tina’s former partner, Ryan Thomas, who played Weatherfield builder Jason Grimshaw? 

Adam Thomas

Tea's the one: Was it Tina's ex, Ryan Thomas (above) who gave her the duff gift? (Image credit: Getty)

Failing that, it could’ve been Bruno Langley, who used to play Todd Grimshaw, and whom Tina dated before she and Ryan became a couple.

Over in Weatherfield, of course, Adam now has much more to stew on than his rubbish choice of gift.

Former flame Lydia Chambers has lied to Sarah that the two of them have been having an affair, and she has gone to elaborate lengths to provide Sarah with ‘evidence’ of their trysts, leading a devastated Sarah to throw Adam out of their flat and declare they’re over.

Coronation Street Sarah Barlow

We're done! Sarah recently chucked Adam and his belongings out of their flat. (Image credit: ITV)

Not content with trying to ruin the solicitor’s marriage, Lydia has also tried to destroy Adam’s career, and recently framed him for criminal damage.

This week in Coronation Street, a morose Adam drowns his sorrows and flirts with an attractive woman - during which he lies that his wife died in a car crash!

Daniel urges him to speak to Sarah, while Carla tells Sarah to think twice before cutting Adam out of her life. But will Sarah listen?

Says Tina, “Carla has her reservations about the whole situation, and something doesn’t sit right with her. She tries to say to Sarah, ‘Look, I’m not sure you sure you should believe Lydia.’

“Sarah does love Adam, very much. She wants to believe that what he's saying is the truth, but there’s so much evidence, she’s doubting herself.

“She’s in a really tough place.”

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