Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne will be 'self-destructive' following Sinead’s death

Sinead and Daniel hug on sofa Coronation Street

The grieving dad will struggle to cope

Coronation Street star Rob Mallard has revealed that his character, Daniel Osbourne, will self-destruct in the wake of wife Sinead’s death.

Sinead found out last month that the cervical cancer she was diagnosed with in 2018 had returned, and was terminal. Initially, doctors said she had months to live, but recently she discovered that chemotherapy treatment hadn’t worked and she had, in fact, just weeks left.

The former knicker stitcher will pass away in a moving hour-long episode to air on 25th October.

Speaking about Daniel’s behaviour in the wake of being widowed, Rob says: “There’s been a foreshadowing of the self-destructive element, and you’ll see that first; the snap of the elastic. You can’t expect him to keep it together straight away.

“He has Bertie to focus on, but that’s the next stage of the story. Sinead has told him all these things, but he now has to unpick all of that - the meaning and the message of what she said and actually apply it. But with the trauma and shock, you get away from that as quickly as possible.”

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Daniel and Bethany Platt kiss passionately in Coronation Street

Daniel will share a shock kiss with Bethany

The 27 year old star adds that an added complication to Daniel’s grief will be the fact that he and Bethany Platt shared a kiss whilst Sinead was on her death bed. The liaison happens when Daniel has a row with his dying wife during an early Christmas dinner arranged by Kirk and Beth. The intimate moment is witnessed by Ken, and Daniel later confesses all to his ailing partner.

Says Rob: "He'll have to entangle all of those emotions. He and Bethany share a guilt, and there's a Sinead attachment to that. There'll be something that he wants from her, but he doesn't know what.

"I'm not sure whether he needs to forgive Bethany, or whether he wants her to forgive him.

"There's something there. You'll probably see transference as well."

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