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Coronation Street's Leanne lashes out after crushing Oliver diagnosis, reveals Jane Danson

Oliver's doctor tells Steve and Leanne next week that Oliver seems to have been left with brain damage as a result of his recent seizures

'They all become punch bags for her emotion'

Coronation Street star Jane Danson has revealed that Leanne Battersby will lash out emotionally after receiving terrible news about her son Oliver.

Fans have seen her three-year-old son suffering from terrible seizures as his health has collapsed over recent months.

In upcoming episodes, Oliver’s medics confirm to Leanne and Steve McDonald that their boy has a rare illness, mitochondrial disease. Sadly mitochondrial disease is progressive, meaning it will only get worse over time, and there is currently no cure.

Jane, who plays Leanne, reveals that her character struggles to accept the devastating diagnosis.

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Leanne has been doing her best for Oliver

“Leanne wants a second opinion, other people try to point out they’ve had that from the hospital but she won’t take no for an answer, she wants to try a different hospital.

“It puts a massive strain on the people around her who aren’t necessarily agreeing with what she’s saying. There’s only so much softly softly you can offer a person before you have to give them the cold hard facts.”

Leanne lashes out in Coronation Street

While Leanne tries to present a brave face to the world, she quickly starts taking it out on other people. Not surprisingly she simply can’t cope with the news.

“She tries to remain in control, she takes on the mantle of saying 'he’s my son, I’ll deal with this' and she really puts up the barriers. Everyone around her is trying to help but they all become punch bags for her emotion.

“There’s an element of denial to a point but then once there’s acceptance she decides Oliver needs her and no-one else. She shuts down to everyone else for a period and everyone is walking on eggshells around her.

“She can be quite angry and harsh with people but at the same time I think it’s understandable because of the hell she’s going through.”

Oliver’s diagnosis doesn't just turn Leanne and Steve’s lives upside down, it also has much wider ramifications in Coronation Street.

Toyah tells Imran the news and says they will have to put their own child fostering plans on hold. She knows that she needs to be there for her sister, but it seems Leanne will struggle to accept emotional help.

Simon is also drawn into things when he overhears Leanne and Steve make an offensive remark about him.

Coronation Street continues on ITV.