'Corrie' fans delighted to see a favourite character back – but worried that another isn’t 'okay'

Rovers Coronation Street
Fans were happy on one hand, and worried on the other. (Image credit: ITV)

Corrie fans were over the moon to see Evelyn Plummer back on the Street in Monday’s episode. The Corrie favourite has been absent for several weeks, but returned as part of the story that sees Fiz leave Weatherfield to move in with new man Phill.

Evelyn caught a guilty Tyrone out when he was taking a peek in the boxes Fiz had put in the back of the removal van, all ready to move her new house with Phill. Tyrone tried to cover his actions, much to Evelyn’s amusement.

Coronation Street Tyrone Evelyn

Ty is caught in the act by Evelyn. (Image credit: ITV)

The scene brought a smile to viewers faces, who were happy to see Maureen Lipman’s character back in action.

“Evelyn!! She’s back!! The Queen!!” tweeted one with a load of heart emojis to hammer their point. “Evelyn... been a while,” agreed another.

However, the scene did leave viewers concerned about something. Evelyn was walking her dog Cerberus when she saw Tyrone. And with it not looking like the warmest day in Weatherfield history, they were worried the greyhound was a bit chilly! He appeared to be shivering, looking rather crestfallen with his tail between his legs.

 “Is that dog okay on Corrie?” asked one. While another posted “Someone fetch the dog a coat.”

Coronation Street Tyrone

The canine don't look so fine according to Corrie viewers. (Image credit: ITV)

Thankfully, later scenes were set indoors, giving Cerberus the chance to heat up and viewers another chance for a bit of a giggle.

With Fiz moving out, Evelyn was getting herself comfortable, enjoying her and Cerberus having the house to themselves. Then in walked Tyrone, revealing that now Fiz has gone, he was moving back in. Evelyn was left distinctly crestfallen, although viewers got the sense that deep down she was happy to have her grandson back.

Coronation Street Tyrone Evelyn

Home sweet home for Ty and Evelyn. (Image credit: ITV)

How will the new living arrangements work out for Ty, his gran... and Cerberus?

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