Cruising with ex Loose Woman star Jane McDonald: 'It's easy to get lost!'

cruising with jane mcdonald

She's no stranger to a cruise but in her new series, Cruising with Jane McDonald, Jane experiences ships that are on a whole new level!

Much-loved singer and presenter Jane McDonald has carved out a solid TV career after her unforgettable appearance in the BBC's  The Cruise documentary series in 1998.

Jane is about to launch a new four-part series on Channel 5 – Cruising with Jane McDonald. The former Loose Women panellist gives an insight into some of the best cruising experiences available, with some including a steam room, sauna and ice room!

In a chat with TV Times Jane revealed her top cruise tips and gave a little insight into what viewers can expect from the new series.

What is it about cruising that never gets old for you? "I love the sea. My mother told me the first time she took to me to the seaside I screamed and clapped. I gave it a round of applause! All these years later, I still love everything about it. I used to get really travel sick as a child, but since getting my sea legs I’ve never looked back."

Are you a pro when it comes to packing? "Yes, I just turn up with my case. OK, two cases – I have a just-in-case case! My tips for cruise packing are choose an outfit for every occasion. Comfortable shoes are a must and only take one pair of heels – beige.

"When it comes to underwear buy a job lot in beige. Beige goes everything. And the best tip of all – wear your tightest clothes at the beginning and leave the elasticated waists until the end. Trust me, I’m an expert on this!"

cruising with jane mcdonald

Jane exploring the Tallinn city centre as part of  the Baltic cruise with Viking Ocean Cruises 


What are your top tips for surviving on a ship? "Find out where your nearest lift is as soon as you get on. Then do every floor from that particular lift. Also, always remember where you’re turning – it’s easy to get lost on a ship! Preparation is best. If you think you’ll be seasick take a tablet and, I swear, you won’t be."

What are your highlights from the new series? "The ABBA museum in Stockholm was the best thing I’ve ever experienced. It was like a shrine to ABBA. I even performed songs with holograms of the band. They couldn’t get me off!

"In Capri I follow in Gracie Fields’ footsteps and visit her grave. I got quite emotional thinking that’s our Gracie from Rochdale. People forget she was once the biggest star in the world, like Adele is now."

The Baltic cruise with Viking Ocean Cruises on the Viking Sky, kicks off the series. Jane had this to say about it... “I’ve never seen a ship quite like it – everything was sheer luxury; most people didn’t want to get off! Even the spa, the sauna and the ice room looked Scandinavian. We set off at Copenhagen, went to Amsterdam, Helsinki and Stockholm. The food was amazing too – I put on 5lb!"

Cruising with Jane McDonald premieres on Friday, 1 September on Channel 5 at 9pm

Interview by Elaine Reilly3

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