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DEADLY DANGER in Neighbours as THIS face from the past returns


Evil Finn Kelly has found an accomplice...

There is danger in Neighbours as Finn Kelly tracks down his former sidekick, Harry Sinclair, and demands to know more about his sickening past.

Neighbours fans already know that Finn has started to remember some of his evil past as his memory from before he went into a coma resurfaces.

Finn Kelly

Finn has been keeping secret video diaries as his memory of his past life start to come back (Picture: Channel 5)

In his old life, Finn was one of the most notorious villains ever to grace Erinsborough, and there was nothing that could stand in his way as he played out his terrifying revenge plans.

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However, since waking from his coma with no memory of anything that happened in his adult life, Finn has become a reformed man, and has even been living with the Kennedy family... the very same people he has previously tried to kill.

But with snippets of his memory coming back to him after a kiss with Elly Conway set off a trigger, it seems the old Finn is back and is about to take control over nice new Finn.

Neighbours, Finn Kelly

Finn wants answers about his past, and goes to see Harry Sinclair in prison (Picture: Channel 5)

Today's Neighbours sees Finn beg his doctor, David Tanaka, if he would supervise a prison visit with him to see Harry Sinclair.

Knowing the hold that Harry has over Finn, David is understandably reluctant.

But Finn persuades him that he wants to know more about his past, obviously leaving out the fact he can remember some of his past life with Harry and wants more details.

Neighbours, Harry Sinclair

Harry gives Finn the information he wants (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

The main thing Finn wants to know is where a storage locker is that he and Harry kept all their plans for their evil deeds... and when he comes face-to-face with Harry, it doesn't take long for Finn to get the information he needs out of his old friend.

But when Finn later secretly goes to the locker, he is stunned to finally remember the code and gets inside, only to find all kinds of dangerous chemicals, plans to blow up Erinsborough High and even evil Patrick's wheelchair.

Neighbours, Finn Kelly

What will Finn do with the contents of the secret locker? (Picture: Channel 5)

But what will Finn do with his new discovery?

Will he get rid of all the incriminating evidence? Or will he pick up where he left off before he found himself in this coma?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5