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Death shock hits Emmerdale as THIS familiar face returns to the village

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There's heartache heading for Emmerdale next week when Lisa Dingle returns with some shocking news...

Next week's Emmerdale sees Lisa Dingle arrive back in the village with Zak by her side. But while the Dingles are thrilled to see the pair, it soon becomes clear their homecoming isn't going to be a happy one.

Belle is beside herself with excitement as she gets ready for her parents' return to Emmerdale, but little does she know Lisa is bringing news with her that will turn her life upside down.

Emmerdale fans already know that Lisa Dingle has got a terminal heart condition that means she hasn't got long to live.

Belle Dingle and Lisa Dingle Emmerdale

Lisa and Zak return to Emmerdale next week (Credit: ITV)

Viewers found out the shocking truth during a special episode of the soap made for International Women's Day in March, when Charity was called to see Lisa in Scotland.

When she arrived at Lisa's home, she quickly realised that this wasn't to be a social visit when Lisa broke the news that she was dying and asked Charity to write a eulogy for her.

But to make matters worse for a heartbroken Charity, Lisa also asked her to keep the news to herself. So until now, the rest of the Dingles have no idea that Lisa's days are numbered.

Lisa Dingle and Dingle family in Emmerdale

Lisa breaks the news to everyone that she hasn't got long left to live (Credit: ITV)

As Lisa and Zak arrive home, they're overwhelmed with their welcome, but as everyone celebrates their return Charity gets visibly upset and Belle realises something isn't right.

Lisa is forced to break the devastating news to everyone that she is dying, and Belle's world is shattered.

But it also soon dawns on Belle that Charity has known for some time about Lisa's ill health, and Belle is heartbroken that Lisa didn't confide in her, too.

Belle Dingle and Lisa Dingle in Emmerdale

Belle is devastated by Lisa's news (Credit: ITV)

But as Belle and the rest of the Dingle struggle to get their head around Lisa's bombshell, the reality of losing Lisa also seems to be getting to Zak.

As Lisa later confides in him that she is scared about dying and wonders what happens to you after you've gone, it all seems too much for Zak and he disappears.

The Dingles are horrified that Zak has gone missing after only just returning tot he village, but where is he?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

Main image: ITV