Derry Girls stars open up on a potential spin-off series

Derry Girls cast
Is this the last we'll see of Derry Girls? (Image credit: Channel 4)

Derry Girls is coming to an end soon, with fans preparing to say goodbye to Orla, Clare, James, Michelle and Erin when season 3 airs on Channel 4 soon.

But will Derry Girls season 3 really be the last we see of these much-loved characters? In an interview with Cosmopolitan, stars of the show revealed they'd be keen to get involved in any spin-offs should the opportunity come up.

So far we don't think any spin-offs will happen, but never say never as we recently found out Peaky Blinders is headed to the big screen, so anything could happen!

Leading the conversation, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, who plays Erin Quinn said: "If [creator] Lisa [McGee] came to me with an opportunity, I would definitely be intrigued and would love to do it down the line. But I think the show [as it is] will always be close to my heart, those sort of monumental moments of having all the girls together is something really special."

Michelle Mallon actress Jamie-Lee O'Donnell added: "I agree. I mean let's be honest, I would take Lisa’s phone call any day of the week about anything. But because every single character has so many layers to them and different personalities, the spin-off possibilities are endless. It would be interesting to see if that's something Lisa is interested in."

The Derry Girls are in shock as they read their GCSE results.

The Derry Girls are in shock as they read their GCSE results... (Image credit: Channel 4)

Meanwhile, Bridgerton season 2 star Nicola Coughlan said she felt the ending was "important", and revealed she knew that this would be the last time she played the role of Clare Devlin. However, she did have an idea for one spin-off.

She added: "This show's about this time in their lives; I don't think it makes sense [to have more seasons] because it's about their innocence and about those kinds of really intense friendships you have at that age. And so I went into this series knowing it's the last time I got to play Clare. But yeah, an Uncle Colm spin off, I would watch the hell out of that."

Derry Girls season 3 kicks off on Tuesday April 12, and focuses on the girls as they receive their GCSE results and have to deal with the reality that they're leaving high school for good, concluding a very important chapter in their lives.

Derry Girls seasons 1 and 2 are available on All4 now. Season 3 begins on April 12 at 9:15pm on Channel 4, with episodes also available on All4.

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