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DEVASTATION in Coronation Street tonight as THIS family secret is exposed

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Simon Barlow is devastated when he overhears something he shouldn't...

There is upset in tonight's Coronation Street when Simon Barlow overhears Leanne Battersby reveal a family secret that sends his world into a spin.

Tonight's Coronation Street sees the residents of Weatherfield struggling to get their heads around Oliver's devastating mitochondrial disease diagnosis.

Steve Leanne Coronation Street

Steve and Leanne's world has been torn apart this week (Picture: ITV)

Parents Leanne and Steve were told on Monday evening that their three-year-old son, Oliver, had the life-limiting condition and that there was sadly no cure.

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But it's not just Leanne and Steve who have had their worlds turned upside down by the diagnosis.

Family heartache...

Leanne's sister, Toyah Battersby, has been life devastated, not only by the news about her nephew but also because she has now had to put her own fostering dreams on hold.

Emma Brooker is also struggling with the news, along with Leanne's other half Nick Tilsley and Steve's wife, Tracy McDonald.

Steve Leanne Coronation Street

Leanne has been pushing those closet to her away (Picture: ITV)

Leanne's adoptive son Simon is also struggling with the news, and to make things worse Leanne is pushing those closest to her away.

Leanne's dark confession

As a distraught Leanne opens up to Steve about the fact Oliver is unlikely to see adulthood, and totally consumed by her grief, she admits that all she has ever wanted is to be a mum and that without Oliver she has got nothing.

Simon is devastated that Leanne seems to have forgotten that she is his mum, too, and he dashes off totally heartbroken.

Coronation Street spoilers: Simon Barlow lashes out again!

Simon overhears Leanne making a confession and is heartbroken (Picture: ITV)

As he gets to school, he approaches his exam hall, but at the last moment he makes a sudden decision that will change everything.

But what will Simon do?

And just how much damage has Leanne's unintentional comment destroyed her family?

Coronation Street will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week. Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV.