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Disney+ tentpole films announced at Disney Investor Day

Rescue Rangers.
(Image credit: Disney+)

You can make big movies for small screens. Folks like Netflix and Hulu have been proving it for years, and now Disney+ will be getting in the game with some major tentpoles slated to head directly to their streaming platform. Here are all the titles that will be headed to the streamer.

Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers: John Mulaney and Andy Samberg will star. The series will by a hybrid of live-action and animation. Spring 2022. 

Pinocchio: We already had an idea that this one would be headed straight to the streamer. Tom Hanks has been confirmed as Geppetto

Peter Pan and Wendy: David Lowry (Pete’s Dragon) will direct this one. We knew it was coming! 

Disenchanted: If that made your ears perk up, that’s because we’ve been waiting on a sequel for Enchanted forever. Amy Adams is returning, and we’ll be seeing how our girl Giselle has grown since she realized what love really means in the first film.

Sister Act 3: Whoopi Goldberg will return to star and produce. Tyler Perry will be involved as well.

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